Why do men have mistresses ?

Women are always worried male infidelity.This is something that they will never get used to, because a man can find yourself on the side of another woman, even if the family relationship in order.Why in this case, a man needs is another woman.

For each individual case, why do men have mistresses, has an explanation.However, the diversity of male adultery can be explained by only four major causes:

  1. sudden.When men marry for love, thinking that their marriage is accomplished by love.It seems as if all his ties with his wife - the birth of children and their further education, everyday life problems.But at one point comes Love.The world, which had seemed drab and mundane starts hitting its variety of color palettes.Love wants, no matter what, and come what may.
  2. classical scheme.Living married and testing to his wife, respect, a man begins to languish from sexual desires, which are not meant to be with his wife.This prompts him to find himself a partner with which these tendencies no longer need
    to hide.Relationships can last many years, if you can find yourself a partner.Getting on the side of what is missing at home, both lover can behave even better than before in the family circle.
  3. fashionable cause.The desire to show his success as a successful person should be successful in everything.This man proves its worth not only in material terms, but also shows that he is male.However, this reason is most insignificant in all respects.There is no love, and always money and selfishness in the foreground.
  4. man to find.How many years ago are public places - nightclubs, beaches, discos, cinema, theater and transportation.Who is gaining more and more popularity dating sites, which according to unconfirmed reports have placed more than 100 million. Profiles of men and women of all ages.

Why married men have mistresses

If you touch the history of it can be concluded that the polygamous (polygamy) - this is purely a male trait.Our male ancestors in ancient times shared his bed with several women.It was in the nature of things, as is essential, because some women will give greater assurance that the next generation will be more genetically.This can be seen in the animal world.That is the main reason why men have mistresses, is a common genetic memory that incorporates the actions of our ancestors.

If you touch today morals, not all can you explain why man needs a mistress, and sometimes several.

consequence of this double, and in some cases triple the life is more physical and mental load.The marital relationship involved a third party.Man breaks into two halves.At times, it begins to seem that the original state he will never return, as the relationship with the two women stretched more and more.


severs family ties.Very much family father care experienced by children as they feel that life itself is crumbling, and the future is vague and uncertain.

business loss, betrayal, loss of health (heart attacks and strokes) - a possible final options for adultery.