What to do to a guy fall in love ?

think the guys are so primitive that they can twist as you head vzbredet?What to do to a guy in love with you by the ears by your momentary desire?Well, let's see what to do to a guy in love.

Women stereotypes

Women believe that men think the same way as they are.Therefore, the beautiful half of humanity to fixate on their appearance, wasting time and money on a hairstyle, makeup and manicure-pedicure.And at the same time, a great believer in the fact that it necessarily will fall in love with the stronger sex.And more women are confident that cutesy behavior makes them in the eyes of men languid, mysterious, and giddiness - unpredictable.

Male look

Men love with their eyes - it's the law, carved in granite.Appearance woman - is the only thing in which a man falls in love at first sight.But the appearance of the stronger sex - this is not the definition of "Style and Fashion", and certainly not to make a pedicure.No make-up is required, as well as a pedicure, but only in moderation, and not

as war paint militant Amazons.It repels men, without giving them the opportunity a little closer look at the woman.Affectation man perceived as a blatant play on the audience, and, causing only a feeling of rejection.A woman giddiness altogether deprive a man of confidence - confidence in the fact that it is able to answer for their actions, and in general to control them.In short, a fool inadequate as Princess and the Pea ...

What a guy in love

natural appearance in the foreground.But the notorious "make-up, manicure," beauty and health and grooming.In that order the men to prioritize the assessment of appearance of women.Women's health can be visually identified by its shape and gait.I think it is needless to explain that "a man is not a dog on a bone does not rush."But weight is not decorated with a female figure as it does not facilitate gait.

In fact, men are attracted to the female body.It must comply with the requirements that apply to a woman is not the fashion for the next type "meshes", and Nature, as a future mother.The chest should be - does not matter the size, if it is available.Hips should be rounded, not sharp due to clearly protruding pelvic bones.Long legs - it's good, but men prefer straight, with well-defined calves.Flat stomach and firm buttocks provide direct back, thanks to which a woman carries all the advantages.Everything is interconnected!

In general, if you're a girl with forms that meet the requirements of nature in terms of the functions of the future mothers, if your gait is light and graceful, and your fifth point is not dragged on the asphalt, then you have every chance to fall in love with a Man.

«Well, what to say, what to say ...»

Yes, you have until only chance.Because it is necessary to have more brains "at their place of residence", in order to know what to say to a guy to fall in love without looking back.After all, language is not nothing given to man and woman to language - it is terrible, but the sweet arms.In all senses!

So that tell a guy to fall in love with you, as a boy?

Tell him about your feelings for him.Not necessarily the first declaration of love, and not even desirable.Although, in recent years more and more sound calls "militant feminists" on equal rights for women in the first step in a relationship, all the same, do not "hit in the forehead" an appealing guy words: "I love you" It scares men - afraid of the duty toand subsequent commitments.Talking about the feelings a woman may gently and gradually, gently and very mysterious.And it is called - flirting.But in any case it is impossible to do so rude and tactless.Flirting should be refined, alluring fragrance like a trail of subtle perfume.Wordplay and some innuendo, interwoven in mysterious phrase with a hint that anything is possible, give the woman a charming lightness and airiness of flirting.Learn to use the language and the speech correctly, and if any man will listen to you, holding my breath and trying to catch every word.

told the guy can be anything other than criticism.If you want a guy to fall in love, then no complaints, convictions and other words that strike the male ego.And any of their own problems to discuss with the pleasant man.Do not try to load it, and the question: "How do you treat me?" Or "What do you think about me," To fall in love with Man, you can not make him think about his feelings to himself.Remember once and for all and give his daughters a man loves unconsciously, he just loves all.Asks him: "For what?" - This is the way to ruin your relationship.He thinks about it.And you know what?He will find the car of your shortcomings and more small cart of your imperfections.And he will be right!Because a guy in love with you, you have to love yourself and myself to be 110% confident.

You know, I want to reveal to you a little secret relations between men and women.Men fall in love, to love, and a woman fall in love, to know that they are loved.Re-read and "digest this sentence."Perhaps it is difficult for your understanding, but in fact the formula of love is as simple as the formula of water - only 2 elements.Nature is wise but not abstruse.

Conspiracies of love

Of course, there is a conspiracy of love, to bind to themselves and other suppression of free will liked the guy.There are also "know" who are ready to "help".But the think.Well, privyazhesh you're the one who did you like today and tomorrow - oops!And like the other!And what to do with "unloved" three times already?To kill, to not suffer?Or most leave this continent, to get rid of "love with you" guy?Therefore

issue in the open access of Internet conspiracy to man in love, you forgive me, but I will not.But I can help the other - to give the plot to a guy in love with you myself, really, making out in you all your advantages and acknowledging all your faults you.Here it is, the plot to a guy in love: "I am the most charming and attractive ...»