How to decode the channels?

How to decode the channels?

Highlights satellite channels in most cases encoded.In order to be able to view them, you have to pay money to the provider, and a lot.Meanwhile, there are ways of hacking such channels, allowing you to watch them for free or pay a small fee.

decoding methods using home equipment

channels can be decoded using the tuner with the emulator or install the software on a home PC.

How to decode the channels on the tuner with the emulator

  1. connected to the first that fell among the channel, go to the emulator by typing a combination of numbers, which varies depending on the version of firmware tuner;
  2. In the emulator window, click on the Key Edit line and pass on item BISS (in translation - coding);
  3. To change highlight the selected key code by pressing the remote control button (red) and change the numbers;
  4. To enter the third-party code, press the green button on the remote.Next, enter the channel frequency Freg section, ID (Serv id), and later he and Key Data (key).This information is available in
    the list BISS.Click on the "Ok";
  5. Now Exit on the PU for the completion of decoding.

How to decode a digital channel using

programs to decode the favorite channels from the network downloaded the following software:

  • Free version ProgDVB;
  • Softcam Server 1.2.2 (utility, which is used to unload the key and decrypt methods);
  • SoftCam.Key (text document with keys)
  • plugin MDYankse1.32.1TT.

ProgDVB program installed on your computer.Set utility Softcam Server1.2.2, which is further adjusted by editing the ini file:

  1. Specifies the path key installation - SoftcamLocation = with: \ ProgDVB;
  2. prescribed ServerMode = 0. As a result, the application will be automatically updated each time you open;
  3. Specifies ManualMode = 1.It is necessary to save files without confirmation;
  4. stamped filenames with keys: Keysfile Name = Easy, Softcam Name = Softcam, Keybin Name = Keys.

In the last step you want to install the plugin by Yankse1.32.1TT unzip it to the directory ProgDVB system.

Free ProgDVB channels will be marked with green checkmarks plugin blocked - red.LC mouse click on the channel to be decoded.Waiting for the result - about 5 seconds.

decoding using official maps

Decode the desired channel can be and with the help of the official map provider.Of course, in this case to pay still have.However, there is an easy way to significantly reduce spending.

decoding of TV channels via cardsharing

As can be seen, the channel decoding encrypted in BISS system or similar - the process is fairly simple.However, service providers, of course, know all the tricks of the users and are often insured, changing keys very often (it happens that every 15 minutes).To view these programs usually use the services provided by the suppliers of Cardsharing.This is done as follows:

  1. online is the supplier who bought the official card with access to the channels;
  2. further order is made;
  3. pay for services.

provider using special equipment is connected to the server and distributes the keys to the vast number of users, sharing with the subscription fee at all.As a result, per-view has to make a very small amount.

decoding satellite channels - the process is not complicated.Buying tuner, download the program or search for a service provider Cardsharing - certainly one of these methods is right for you.