Should we forgive the betrayal ?

The sad statistics, but one in three women and one in five men faced with a betrayal of its second half.Someone could forgive betrayal, some do not forgive betrayal and break relations immediately after detection of the fact of adultery.In this case, crumbling families, which were created sometimes for decades.The question whether to forgive betrayal, is different, becausesituations are different.How are different and the reasons that led to the change.

But, most of all, the main reason for the constant betrayal of the partner - is the psychological alienation.In such a case half on the side of your search will be primarily an emotional connection.Lover for your partner become friends and interlocutors, to understand and accept.It is often in families is a constant process of education and teaching each other.Here and begin treason, to feel welcome and interesting to someone.Such relationships are harder to take than the physiological treason, and whether to forgive a betrayal of this kind need t

o - you decide.

reasons forgive infidelity

  • If your partner is hiding from you the fact of his betrayal, it means that you still he needed, and he appreciates you.So, we need to forgive betrayal, if the partner cares about your feelings.If your partner is still interested in you, and you feel that something is still there between you.That causes changes may be just a momentary passion.But, of course, if the same thing is repeated from time to time, it is worth considering whether it is necessary to your forgiveness.
  • just change for the sake of the general partner can be children, because they must have a complete family, a decent house and a secure life.Of course, such a scenario does not fit all, especially if you have no strength to endure the betrayal regularly, and by constant scandals child suffers.
  • can simply change the partner, if the renegade responds to you in return.When he feels guilty and tries to make amends.Of course, forgiveness should be well-deserved.A possible measure for education traitor is a temporary separation.Assume for a month or two.And at the same time you should try to avoid all contact with him.
  • If this was an isolated incident of betrayal, for example, after a tumultuous family quarrel or being drunk, then it is possible to forgive such an act.

If the partner is indifferent, and it will continue to change you, then everything is clear.And yet, it is not necessary to show his resentment and pain.On the contrary, it is necessary to show that you are happy that you got rid of the traitor.Only then can we talk about that infidelity does not happen again.And perhaps his remorse will be the beginning of your new life together, which will not be changed.

Causes sever relations

If you changed someone you really love and can not live without it, it is worth pondering: Can you forgive infidelity or not?If this is difficult, it is better not to do so.Such betrayal is often perceived as a great betrayal, especially when changing the secret, your partner will continue to be recognized you in love and swear allegiance.Also in that case, if the relationship is no longer wearing a confidence and friendly character, you can not forgive betrayal.Then, there is absolutely no point in continuing this relationship.Even if you try to forgive the traitor, the former relationship you will never be.With the betrayal of trust and respect is dying.

If you have decided not to forgive a betrayal of the partner, it is necessary to do everything that a person does not see your suffering.Before we say goodbye, you can tell a lot, but this is not an option.Better not to end the relationship, even after the betrayal of a loved one, scandals and mutual insults.Firstly, it will humiliate you and not add dignity.

In any case, you decide.This decision depends on the degree of your attachment, and the ability to trust after cheating.Let all the same you never suffer a similar fate, and your family relationships are strong.