The cyst is dangerous ?

The cyst is dangerous ?

Women's Health - a pledge of wellbeing and health of future generations!Whatever the conditions are not created to her by her family, any woman, when viewed from a gynecologist, will hear in his address some suggestions or advice for health reasons.Today we will focus on the formation of cysts in the ovaries.The cyst is dangerous as manifested and how treated.

General information about the cyst

To understand what a cyst is dangerous, let's give it a definition.Cyst - a benign neoplasm of the hollow containing the liquid inside.Such a bubble can grow to the size of an orange, and then the woman feels pain in the abdomen, there are spotting, disrupted menstrual cycle.However, if the cyst has small size, it can not be experienced.This can only be found during the next examination by a gynecologist.

ovarian cyst, its types and symptoms

So, we realized that a cyst - a manifestation of the fibrocystic disease, which necessarily should be treated.Many women ask what ovarian cyst is dangerous?In th

e first place, the danger is that it can develop into a malignant tumor.Therefore, the sooner you will find a small brush, the faster you will start her treatment.And for that, dear women, do not forget to visit the gynecologist every six months!

cyst is of various kinds:

  • follicular;
  • cyst ovarian yellow body;
  • dermoid;
  • endometrioid.

We will not go into the details of any kind.We describe the risk of ovarian cysts size.Asymptomatic disease, if the cyst is small.However, there is an exception: endometrioid cyst - regardless of size, it felt almost immediately upon formation.It is distinguished by: aching pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urination, indigestion and constipation.A neglected disease of this type of cyst can lead to infertility.

If the time to begin treatment, the cyst to 4-6 cm in size can be treated with medication.A woman there and take drugs (hormones) within 3 months.Most often this is enough time to cyst resolved.But, despite what she had seen.

rate of cyst growth - different.Some species can not be changed for a long time in the size and retain their size lifetime.Only after the menopause, they can decrease.And the other Cysts grow rapidly and make themselves known: severe pain in the lower back and abdomen, dizziness and loss of consciousness, nausea and vomiting, discomfort during intercourse.These symptoms may appear at break or festering cysts.Can determine this by elevated body temperature.Variations


addition ovarian cysts can be cysts brain, kidney, breast and others.The cyst is dangerous to other bodies?It is less dangerous than an ovarian cyst, but only in the absence of complications.

For example, if a brain cyst grows to a large size, it will compress the brain and cause neurological disorders.And, if there is a breakthrough - require craniotomy.

kidney cyst causes pain, too: blood circulation, compressed adrenal gland, kidney and ureter tissue.Cyst of 5 cm is treated.If larger - necessary surgery.

As for breast cysts, they are not life-threatening.Do not deform the breast and rarely reach large sizes.

So picture danger cysts - is clear.Your health - in your hands!Watch for changes in the body and in time, contact your doctor!