Rostelecom : how to connect a set-top box ?

Rostelecom : how to connect a set-top box ?

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Rostelecom: how to connect a set-top box?

Today, a huge number of people prefer the normal TV quality via cable TV receivers and set-top boxes of different providers.The simple reason for this - the picture quality, the ability to record and replay, as well as a huge number of channels.One of the well-known and high-quality providers of cable TV set-top box via a company Rostelecom.

consider in detail how to connect the console to the TV Rostelecom.

How to connect Rostelecom

There are several methods for connecting to a TV set-top boxes Rostelecom

  • connection via a standard Ethernet-cable.Thus it is necessary to stretch the cable across the apartment from the console to the TV.This is the most popular way to connect, because the cable is insensitive to electromagnetic interference and more reliable Wi-Fi wireless connection, but the cable will have to hide that he was not hurt;
  • Connecting via a wireless connection Wi-Fi.There are several options for such
    a connection - through the media bridges Motorola or Wi-Fi-adapter.In the first case, a great advantage is the data media bridge frequency is 5 GHz, which is practically not used by anyone, which means that practically smothered signal becomes.Also, the media bridge data transmission occurs over long distances than conventional Wi-Fi, however, and the cost of the media bridge will be essential.In the second case, the complexity lies in the fact that the console must be able to detect Wi-Fi-adapter, as this may need to configure your set-top box.However, you can buy a simple access point that will save the setting;
  • Connection via PLC-adapters on the mains.You will need a special adapter, which stands as a powerful new router.But the advantage is precisely the reliability of data transmission.However, a fire may occur if the voltage jump.

selecting method, you can easily connect the console to the TV.

How to set-top box STB

Rostelecom Rostelecom is set always the case that when connected to a network provider it will download the necessary firmware and configuration.To update the firmware will need to restart the console just to check updates.That is, you do not need to configure the console, because it is automatically adjusted.

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