What if the husband changes ?

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What if the husband changes?

So, you find that your husband is cheating on you.Single scheme of what to do if the husband changes, does not exist, but there are a number of steps that can help in your situation.

clarify the situation

Suppose you have found conclusive proof of his treason in the form of bills from the cafe for two or a hair on his jacket.For you, everything is clear and you have done all the possible conclusions, but is it really cheating?Do not rush to make decisions.The real facts and evidence can only be if you caught her husband red-handed, and he told you everything, everything else can be accidents and coincidences.Of course, no one convince you not to pay attention to them, but just do not take your time, compare the various facts, make sure that cheating was really, in the end, ask the husband of this.

Discuss with her husband

you can make it appear that it was not treason, but you and most likely the husband also both know that you know a

bout it.In this case, if you do not talk and keep silent about this topic, it will pop up in your mind over and over again, you will be presented to her back, suspect, doubt, and in the end, when suffer will not be more effort, it could escalate into ascandal, global, and worst of all, belated.It is better to discuss the infidelity until it is overdue.Be sincere and do not break on the charges, talk about their feelings, about how you hurt, and not about what animal your husband and how he could do so with you.

understand the reasons

Best of all, if he will be able to realize her husband talk about why he changed how he felt when they decide to take this step.Let tell you what it was for treason, he planned it or a random link.The reasons may be very different - boredom, curiosity, self-doubt, the desire to prove something to himself and others, love at last.One reason may be your own provocation, perhaps unconscious.Provoke a man to betray a variety of ways - arguing that he did good for nothing, being cold towards him, showing what you can do to change it.Talk to your husband, it may be that there is also your fault in his treason.Find out the reason, you can find out what can be done to treason is not repeated, or if the husband constantly changes what to do to these betrayals stopped.

Talk about

your future and you and your husband have to make a decision about what to do next.You are not strangers, you have something like this relationship and loved each other.Solve can not only global thing to leave or to be together, to solve possible and plans for the next week, what do you do, how you will react, whether you need to spend some time alone, who will take children from kindergarten or school ifyou have them, and so on.If you decide to global questions about whether or not to divorce, you need to find out the number of points, if you want both of this, are you ready to change something and work on relationships, whether you need a third person to objectively assess the situation, who will deliver an intermediary.Whatever decision you have taken, it is a difficult choice, and it is desirable to have someone who can support you.

If you decide to stay together

What will help change your relationship for the better.Family therapists often find the cause of infidelity unattractive wife - not only and not so much external as it is interesting, independence and individuality.Find a hobby, new hobbies, work out, spend time on yourself, watch your appearance.It is not necessary to devote all my time to her husband and to do everything for him.Let him wash his clothes, and one is at home.

Maybe you just do not know what to do if the husband changes, but these tips will help you not to take hasty decisions and keep your sanity, and then the intuition will tell you everything.