Tricolor : how to connect a second TV ?

Tricolor : how to connect a second TV ?

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Tricolor: how to connect a second TV?

If your apartment has two TVs, you may want to set up satellite TV on both devices, it's convenient and practical.How to connect a second receiver to the TV "Tricolor" - will be discussed in this article.

If using a splitter to make a spin-off from the cable that goes from the receiver, it will be possible to connect a second TV.This setting can be made through the splitter - special electric filter, which is used to separate channels.However, in this case, both the television will show the same channel.The second method is such a connection - is the installation of a special transmitter and receiver, which reproduce the video and audio signals.As this device is called a video sender.

How to connect a TV to view individual

channels for independent TV viewing is necessary to purchase a set of General Satellite GS E501 / GS C591 by Tricolor TV.

After the purchase of equipment, you can independently install and seek profes

sional help.

kit consists of the main and auxiliary receivers that access to a variety of Tricolor TV programs on two TVs.The device has a single smart card "Tricolor multistart".

main receiver has two tuners, and thanks to the auxiliary receiver, the signal is supplied via the Ethernet network, that is not necessary to carry out cable to connect.This means that two televisions for viewing, would be sufficient to acquire a system, instead of purchasing two receivers.

How to operate the receiver without wiring

To get rid of clutter, which not only prevent, but also spoil the interior of a room, you can use the video sender, which we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

kit device includes two blocks, one of which is connected to the receiver, and the other to the TV.

set is equipped with a network of Wi-Fi, so the transmission of audio and video signal is carried out wirelessly.The signal is supplied to a distance of thirty meters, the quality of picture and sound is extremely high.

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