What if the guy has changed ?

What if the guy has changed ?

Treason - a phenomenon quite common in our time.Some of us are faced with change many times in his life: he changes or modifies favorite.It is believed that men are prone to changes much more often than girls, but this does not mean that female infidelity is less painful.Why do women change?And most importantly, what to do if the guy has changed?

What is treason?

First of all let's see what is treason.Each person has their own definition of "treason."For one, betrayal - it's just sexual intercourse, for another - just look at the stranger, for the third - flirting.By entering into a relationship with a man, we show him the boundaries of what is permitted, define acceptable behavior for us.Treason - is a kind of breach of contract, which leads to severe mental confusion, and not only the one who changed, but the traitor himself.

Why do girls change?

There are different reasons for female adultery.Sometimes cheating says that love has faded.In this case, to clarify its relationship with a partn

er, please be courage and quietly exit the relationship.Maybe your guy, too, has long wanted to leave, but can not muster the courage.

But more often, betrayal - it is a signal of problems in the relationship.This does not mean that love has passed.You just drifted apart just feelings cooled, and the passion has faded.But your guy is still dear to you, and then betrayal - it is a way to make amends for the problems within the couple, without breaking with the relationship.

There are other reasons for infidelity, but in any case, do not react to a complete rupture.And then what to do if you change a guy, you ask?

What if the guy has changed?

Contrary to popular belief, the person responsible in any case should not be recognized in their treason, if there is no conclusive evidence.Truth will bring your guy only pain and suffering.Even if he would swear that all forgive and forget, you know - a betrayal is not forgotten, and in fact, the guy just hoping you refute his doubts.

you survived the experience of betrayal, realized their mistake, as you have seen your boyfriend and roads no longer commit such reckless behavior.Take this as a fact, which can not escape.Now it's your pain, your doubts and you pay only to their conscience.It is not necessary to torture a guy and share treason for two.He is from the truth will not be easier, and then save the relationship is unlikely.

But you'll have to forgive themselves.People - not perfect.Some of them make mistakes, and your more serious.The main thing is that you're sorry.After all, only a sincere repentance will allow you to improve the relationship with the man, and never more he will not change.

If the man learned of your treachery, the situation is much more complicated.Now you can not just ignore it.And well even if the guy learned it from you, not from third parties, because then you have at least some chance to fix it.

First of all, do not go around the bush and just tell it like it is: "I'll changed to another, and sorry about that."Hearing that any normal person react emotionally to the words.Even if the guy knew about the change from the other person, it is up to the last minute hoping that this is not true.And now, all confirmed.Of course it will hurt.He would scream, cry, insult you.Or quietly go away, trying to save the remnants of dignity.Let him go.Discuss the situation in such a feverish state you still will not work.Let it rest a little, aware that what happened - a reality.

When a guy is ready, he will start the conversation itself, it is also important, what is the reason of your betrayal.And then you can tell him that you see fit.Remember, the decision about whether you stay together, he now accepts, but only depends on you, if the guy wants to give you a second chance.And if it so happens that he does not break off relations with you, use this chance to really.In your power to make your favorite the happiest or the most miserable man on earth.Do not make the mistake again.