What is it : Cancer ?

What is it : Cancer ?

Many astrologers consider the sign of Cancer the most mysterious of all the signs of the zodiac.Also, their distinguishing feature is often referred to as excessive sensitivity and emotionality.And yet, what it - Cancer?What are the main features of the representatives of different sexes, belonging to this mysterious sign?

In this article, we describe the personal qualities of cancers for men and women.

Male Cancer

This sign is not for nothing called the predominantly female zodiac sign.Most men have Rakov purely feminine traits, so they differ from those of other signs of his emotion, romanticism and dreaminess.More on the topic, read the article How behaves male cancer.

Such men tend to idealize everything - and the chosen one, and work, and all the little things in life.But since they are also endowed with the ability to quickly disappointed, meeting their high demands they are rare.Then the male crabs fall into melancholy or even depression.It is in their case can be called a "care under

the shell."If there are caring and empathic people, they can help to overcome this state of Raku.Otherwise, men of this sign are fully surrender alcohol or other kind of "flight from reality".It is this tendency - the rejection of reality and dreams in life - makes many men Rakov cynics and skeptics to old age.This is their method of escape from the cruelty of the world.

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Female Cancer

Many astrologers believe that it is better not to find a wife: only a female Cancer able to get along with all the other characters.Indeed, it is the epitome of a romantic image.The thin nature, responsive to the problems of others, sensitive and caring, good-natured and open ... That it often appears in the eyes of men.

However, not everything is perfect.Firstly, most of the above mentioned qualities in women due to cancer too developed maternal instinct.This means that until their own children, it will make every effort to take care of and protect her man.Sometimes this behavior comes from her to the extreme, and it turns into a relationship in the mother-possessive, controlling every step of his "baby."Naturally, this approach is often paired with scenes of jealousy and aggression.

If a woman Cancer prefers rational behavior and not go to extremes, it can actually be the perfect wife, lover, friend and mother.At the same time it manages all listen, support, sympathy, and show genuine concern ... feed the kitchen for her - a favorite place in the house.