How to donate semen analysis ?

current environment, the environment is poor.That's why you should not ever forget about their health, and it is important to carefully pay attention to it, constantly check your body.Let's talk about men.It's no secret that they are very afraid to check the status of their men's health, go to the hospitals and to be tested, and it is necessary.It is important to know about the status of their sperm - namely, whether they are ready to high-quality reproduction, and whether there is any disease.The question concerning how to take semen analysis, there is a lot of problems.

How to tune in to the surrender of semen

For men the process of this kind of analysis is a very serious psychological stress and shock.Although it is possible, in principle, to understand it, because you have to "sin" in a non-standard location - in the hospital.In this moment it is very important to support the beloved, which is able to help and support their protector.

man should understand that there is nothing wrong, and

if you ignore the right, you can even get a little pleasure.If he thinks so, then the absence of stress will facilitate the process and improve the quality of the analysis.A place where you can take the semen analysis, you can easily find on the Internet or ask at the clinic.So worth consecutively to determine the process of delivery.


First you need to refrain from sex and masturbation for the period from 4 to 7 days.During this period, it is forbidden to drink alcohol, attend a variety of baths and saunas, getting stress and, preferably, do not smoke.Donating best within the hospital, but if to reach the hospital in time is not more than 30 minutes, it is possible and at home.It is not necessary to use a method for the analysis of incomplete sexual intercourse or condom.To hand over the analysis on semen analysis will have no difficulty, if at this point do not worry.This fact does not cause any pain.

The results of the analysis are usually written rule that should be.With it, you can compare your own results, and in case of any deviation is best to turn to a specialist who can easily treat and cope with any challenge.Do not worry, everything in our lives can be corrected, especially if the ultimate goal - the children.