How to spoil a car?

How to spoil a car?

your neighbor constantly parked in the wrong place, at the playground, or listening to music really loud at night, and your requests to nothing lead?In such a situation you thought about the damage of his car.

There are a lot of options as to spoil the car.The article presents some of them.


  • You can pour glue door locks.The owner of the car will be a long time to find out, why not insert the key into the keyhole.
  • You can also paste the wipers.In this case, the owner of the damaged car will ride with dirty glasses.
  • The current method is sticking a piece of paper with the inscription on the windshield of the driver.After 15 minutes, it can not be removed.


  • You can break an egg (preferably rotten) on the surface of the machine and the host will be a long time to enjoy the aroma of spoiled eggs.
  • If you have access to the interior of the machine, you can use fresh eggs.To do this, drag the contents of a medical syringe, and then send the liquid under the car upholstery.A few days
    later the egg stuhnet and will either have to sell the car, or completely change the upholstery.This way you can seriously damage the enemy vehicle.


If you leave the evening with wheat or other cereals on the hood of the car, you will enjoy the morning scratched hood, as night birds will gather all the grain and at the same time scratch claws and beaks hood.

Vaseline and gouache

can spread doorknobs with Vaseline or black gouache.After the owner of the car will take up the handle of the machine, it is a long time will not be able to wash the black gouache or petroleum jelly to hands.


If you want to seriously damage the machine enemy, it is necessary to pour a cup of sugar in the gas tank.In this case the machine be acquired, it will travel a little bit and stop, as clogged filter.A car owner will have to send the machine in the service and clean the fuel tank, filters and pumps.


order to ruin the lives of several cars and motorists, you can change them on one number.If they are stopped by traffic police, it would be difficult to explain why the numbers are different, and most likely they would be referred to shtrafploschadku to clarify all details.


If your abuser car dark color, you can sprinkle it with potassium permanganate.The owner just did not notice, but when it starts to rain, potassium permanganate gets wet.It will corrode the varnish, and the car starts to rust.


If you score the exhaust pipe potato, the machine will not start up until the vegetables will not be removed.

Polyurethane foam

exhaust pipe must be filled with foam, but only so that it was not visible from the outside.After the driver will lead the car, the smoke will go on all sides.

Now that you know what you can spoil the enemy machine, but do not overdo it, because some methods may cause injury to a person.