Male infertility and its treatment

Male infertility and its treatment

Male infertility can not be called a disease.This - the state of the body, not having any symptoms persist.The only sign of infertility is the inability to conceive a gentleman partner during the year of sexual activity.


For common causes of male infertility include:

  1. Hypogonadism - underdevelopment of genitals.Hypogonadism may be congenital or occur as a result of injury.
  2. varicocele.The essence of this disease is reduced to the presence on the spermatic cord and elongated veins.
  3. Prostatitis - an inflammation of the prostate gland.There are 2 forms of prostatitis - acute and chronic.

consult specialists

Determine the reason for which a man can be a father, only by competent professionals.Only doctors can prescribe the effective treatment of male infertility, urology Omega-Kiev - here's where you can help solve this problem.

check the status of the male body, doctors refer patients to:

  • US genitals;
  • spermogrammu;
  • blood test, urine and prostatic secretions.

They also conduct a thorough examination of the patients and are interested in their way of life.This helps doctors to determine why the man has trouble conceiving.

Methods solutions

problems Upon confirmation of the diagnosis in the first place causes must be eliminated, which led to infertility.If we are talking about the defects of the internal organs, doctors perform surgery.If you have problems with hormones the patient needs to take corrective drugs.A man is not able to become a father because of prostatitis or various infectious diseases?Hence, all efforts should be directed at combating existing disease.

happens that solve the problem of infertility can be very easy: reducing alcohol consumption or use of the sauna becoming rarer.It is also important to maintain a healthy weight, eating right and exercise.Do not forget that with conception problems can be men wearing tight clothes and underwear.With infertility due to compression of the regular external genitalia are often faced professional cyclists.

infertility prevention

be examined by urologists and other specialized professionals no more difficult than to do an MRI of the head in Kiev, Kiev Omega - medical center, which is worth visiting at least once a year to check the condition of health.After time diagnosis and treatment of spent wisely will save you from weight problems in the future.

To doctors must apply immediately if you suspect the presence of prostate or infections, sexually transmitted diseases.