Torn frenulum , what to do ?

gap bridle on the penis - a very painful and psychologically unpleasant force majeure.The actions that have contributed to "break", it is necessary to stop immediately, and the victim as quickly as possible to provide first aid, followed by consultation with a specialist urologist.

The fact is that the damage is likely to have occurred due to disease: a short frenulum, which means that the gaps can be repeated again and again.How big is the desire to feel pain again and psychological discomfort - to decide, of course, the very man.But experts do not recommend to delay the campaign to the doctor: in place of a bridle gap usually appears thick scar, which shortens it even more.And it means new, even more painful gaps can not be avoided.

Pathology: short frenulum

Bridle is a crease that runs along the back surface of the member.It connects the glans and foreskin.

In it are blood vessels and lymph nodes, through which the blood supply to the penis.Therefore, in case of damage folds so much blood.

pathology occurs in about 20% of men.And in addition to the damage results even to the curvature of the head of the penis, as well as premature ejaculation.

Alas, identify the problem at an early age can not be: Labeling is only at puberty.

How to determine on their own pathology

first sign - a feeling of strain.Pain during sexual intercourse or masturbation.The frenulum area, as a rule, begin to form micro-cracks, the head disclosed bad.There are external signs: head of the penis during erection slightly curved.

We'll show you what actions to take if torn frenulum, what to do, and how the problem with the breaks once and for all solve the experts.

First aid in case of damage

  1. reduce erection.This will stop the blood.
  2. bandaged penis with a sterile bandage.
  3. Within two to three days to impose on the place of rupture wound healing ointment: levomikol, Aurobin and the like.

Typically, for pain passed with just a few days.If the gap was strong, healing is delayed by a few weeks.However, almost 90% of the cherished fold again makes itself felt as soon as the beginning of a new sex act.

solve the problem at home is simply impossible - helps only surgery.However, the procedure itself is completely painless, does not require hospitalization and lasts only 15 minutes.During the operation, make cross-incision bridle, and then placing the longitudinal joints.Due to these and elongated fold.

So consult a urologist as soon as possible, and you will never be bothered by the question of what to do if torn a bridle on a limb.