Why hurt a member ?

pain in the penis can be caused by various factors.Here are the main reasons as to why a member is ill men.

  1. most common cause of pain in the penis - it's all kinds of bruises, sprains, prejudice, sprains and even fractures.Therefore, if you are injured in the member's area, and the pain persists, immediately see a doctor in order to avoid more serious consequences.It is particularly dangerous trauma of the erect penis, which often occur during sex.
  2. Pain during urination indicates inflammation of the penis and can be an indicator of how urethritis and prostatitis.In the case of urethritis may be accompanied by burning urination.
  3. Often, pain in the penis can cause sexually transmitted diseases and fungal.In this case, the pain is accompanied by various skin lesions - for example, herpes on the penis can be formed very painful blisters.
  4. next reason why sore penis - balanoposthitis.It is a disease that occurs due to the large amount of accumulated smegma in prepuntsialnom bag, which lists the var
    ious microorganisms, causing inflammation of the glans and foreskin.This disease is also accompanied by a very bad smell.
  5. quite common and caverns - an inflammation of the corpus cavernosum of the penis.There is a cavity in a result of various injuries of the penis, or as a complication of acute urethritis.Also, the flu, sinusitis, sore throat, and abrasions, even caries infection can penetrate through the blood of the foci of inflammation.

Other causes of pain in the penis are much less common.However, if you notice that your "dignity" that something is wrong (acute, persistent aching or pain appearing regularly), it is best as soon as possible to see a doctor in order to avoid serious consequences.

Often the question arises, why after sex hurts a member.It most often it comes to the allocation of insufficient vaginal lubrication.In this case, it is desirable to use artificial lubricant (grease), which are sold in a plurality of pharmacies.Also pain during sex may indicate some other crushing injury.If the pain quickly passed and will not be repeated, there is no reason for concern, but if it occurs almost every time you have sex - it is an occasion to address to the urologist or andrologist.