Why hurt the egg ?

I must say that the pain in the testicles in men can be of different nature.Let us examine the main reasons why it hurts egg.To do this, let's talk a little bit about themselves testes, and only then look at why men hurt eggs.

What testicles Testicles

scientifically called testicles.The testicles are called male sex glands that produce speramatozoidy and male sex hormones.

testicular health affects not only the male genital function, but also his overall physical condition.On top of the testicles have a very high sensitivity.It is believed that the pain in the testicles is comparable in strength and troubles with a toothache.In the case of pain in this area is significantly reduced and the overall physical condition of men up to the general weakness, increased potoodeleniya, nausea.In some cases, there are even displays thanatophobia - the fear of death.

symptoms for which you need to access to a doctor

Experts recommend in the case of prolonged or recurrent pain in the testicles to see a d

octor - andrologist or urologist, because the causes of the majority of pain in this area has long been studied.Address to the doctor is necessary for the following issues:

  1. Drawing, gradually increasing pain in the scrotum.
  2. Soreness in the case of touch.
  3. different strain (whether painful or not) on the surface.
  4. sudden sharp pain in the testicles.
  5. pain in the scrotum, accompanied by chills, nausea or fever.
  6. Change the size, density or shape of one of the testicles.
  7. pain in the scrotum, which lasted more than an hour after the injury.

Why it hurts the testicles in men

Mechanical damage

Most often, pain in the scrotum is a consequence of mechanical damage - injuries, strokes, etc.Usually after a blow to the testicles there is a sharp pain, which, however, quickly passed.If you got a piercing and cutting injuries to the testicles, the call to the doctor is strictly necessary, or possible consequences such as infertility, or even the loss of the body.

It should also be noted that often the growing long-term pain is observed in chronic injuries of the scrotum.Despite the fact that in this case, is not likely to compromise the integrity of the sex glands, appeal to the specialist, andrologist or urologist will help you avoid a lot of unpleasant consequences.

Infectious and viral diseases

This reason is the second most common.We list some of these diseases and conditions, their carers.

  1. Prostatitis.The most common disease.This inflammatory process is in the prostate.Causes of prostatitis are well known, but list them: hypothermia, a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged abstinence, viral infection, and severe stress on the bladder (and therefore can not be tolerated for a long time).In the case of prostatitis, periodic pain in the testicles, and painful urination.
  2. Orchitis.Rare, but nevertheless occurring disease - a complication after the pig (mumps) in which swollen testicles and hurt, and then atrophy.Atrophy to complete infertility is more often than not, however, the affected testicle is likely to produce less sperm.
  3. epididymitis - an acute inflammation of the epididymis.It is accompanied by acute pain in the scrotum and its increase.Also, there is a fever and spontaneous painful urination.In severe cases it is possible infertility and impotence.

visit to a doctor must when the symptoms of these diseases.

deformities and other pathologies

  • Testicular torsion leads to compression of the seed flow, which may lead to hydrocele, and even complete its withering away.
  • testicular pain can be a symptom of disease or other problems - an inguinal hernia.Inguinal hernia is called a diverticulum in the inguinal canal of the peritoneum.As a result of the spermatic cord can be pinched.
  • varicocele - another unpleasant disease, which is expressed in a rather unpleasant pain in the scrotum.It is the varicose veins in the spermatic cord.

In all the above cases, we recommend immediate treatment to the doctor.Among other factors, why hurt the eggs, you can call the unfulfilled sexual arousal men, especially characteristic of young men.The result is a nagging pain, which, however, does not bear the health of men is no serious threat.