How to breed on the Internet?

How to breed on the Internet?

The World Wide Web is growing, and every day is becoming an increasing battleground between good and evil.Well here we stand with you, users of an Internet and evil are those who have their purpose - as a breed on the Internet and more people get their share of the profits from unsuspecting person, to put it simply - "sucker."Ways to "divorce" on the Internet a lot, give some of the most popular.

methods divorce

  • «Letter of happiness" - is one of the oldest methods of divorce in the network vozniknuvshey by analogy with postal letters.More often it happens to email messages that you supposedly have won a certain amount in a lottery.And you only need to do some work to get the money.As a rule, these steps start with the introduction of a small amount in the form of purchase of a product or service, which is mandatory.A lot of people go for it, hoping to receive the promised sum.When still so lucky?! ... And only a small percentage of calls into question the fact of winning.Such letters may cont
    ain information and suddenly opened the inheritance that belongs to you.And here, too, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions, be sure to include some sort of payment.
  • «Magic Wallet" - a popular type of fraud, the essence of which is a certain amount you transfer a specified number of the purse of one of payment systems.Then, in your e-wallet supposedly should come twice the amount.There are some individuals telling that profited from this.But a lot more people out there losing their money in the hope of gain.
  • «Business Package" - a fancy name of "kidalovo" covers a very simple contents on any site you offer to buy a "business package" for a small fee, such as $ 20.This is supposedly your way to huge profits.But paying, you get only a guide to the organization of the same site, where you have been made an offer for the sale of such "business packages".The circle is closed.
  • «Job for $ 100 an hour" - was invented in order to plant a people on the Internet by performing simple actions, such as the exchange of one currency for another.This "divorce" in its pure form, because the money that you transfer to a specified site is more to you do not come back, either in the same currency or in any other.
  • «HYIP" - there are a lot of systems, arranged according to the principle HYIP.They differ in terms of the volume of deposits and existence.There are those who pay the promised interest on the contribution made by, and people go to the second, and some of the third circle of investment.But the majority of HYIP - short-term, there are from one to two days to three months, then disappear with the money forever.But a lot of risk in the hope of obtaining easy profit with a small amount of investment, and then lose everything to the penny.

can cause more and more examples of how to lose their money, but there are ways to dissolve a Man online.For the most part, it is also an economic "divorce", but made with elegance and refinement.As a result, a man and does not understand that his "bred for money", or understand too late.The woman explains that:

  • She has a difficult financial situation
  • She wants to attract attention
  • She avenges all men
  • She - a fanatical feminist and wants to prove its worth.

There are other things that cause men to turn out wallets, but also a lot of ways on how to breed female on the Internet, and the female sex, because of its credulity, becomes the victim more often.A call - to learn from the mistakes of others, very few people stops.