Why do men drink ?

Why do men drink ?

How many decent, smart, interesting men ruin their lives with alcohol!As they do not realize that alcohol kills everything good in them, turning into animals!Why do men drink?

It should make a clear distinction between men, addicted to alcohol, the reason they have one - is alcoholism, a disease that needs treatment;and the rest of drinking men, who have not yet fallen into dependency, but surely it going.

Causes of alcohol addiction Why

man starts to drink?There are the most common causes.

  • to numb the pain of trauma: the betrayal, the death of a loved one, a shame ....
  • Man drinks to "let off steam" after a hard day's work.That is to say, to relieve tension.
  • man drinks when he lacks a woman's affection.When his beloved woman did not consider it worthy of their love.In this case, he drinks, drowning out the shame of humiliation.
  • to feel more liberated.By transforming the perception of reality by means of alcohol, he feels more confident, more attractive, happier, more successful.At the sa
    me time, special efforts to change herself or her life is not required to make.It is enough to overturn the cup - another.
  • Immediately may be present desire to get away from the problems.It is no secret that many men tend to wait until the problem will resolve on its own.Discomfort from family problems or troubles at work drowns alcohol.
  • man drinking from a woman.If a woman did not recognize her man worthy of admiration and respect, it cuts the ground from under his feet.Then the man left without a reliable rear, drink or go to the other.Or, like the situation described in the story about the goldfish, the woman presses her man, endlessly showing discontent.I must say that the reason for such behavior of women may be different.But the result may be alcoholism favorite.
  • man drink for the company, or simply out of boredom.

woman can help

Do not feel sorry for a man drinking - he is a master of his fate.But women, if it is in your power to pay attention to their men.Demonstrate to them the words and deeds of love, respect, approval, firm belief in their ability to succeed.Do not worry, it will work much better than criticisms and discontent.The results can exceed your wildest expectations!