How to beat yourself ?

How to beat yourself ?

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How you beat?

Sometimes a person has to put himself in bodily injury due to any circumstances.For example:

  • to obtain the desired, by manipulating others;
  • for their own safety (for example, you are beaten, but no trace remains, and to punish the offender, you still want, and to call the police, you need "evidence");
  • to achieve desired results for a forensic examination.

methods of beating yourself

If you have decided on their own beat themselves, do not use piercing and cutting items.Best fit: metal pipes, batons, bottles, rolling pins, nunchuck, stick from the vacuum cleaner, the door jamb.Such items are left clearly visible traces of beating and bruises on his body.In order not to hurt the vital organs, it is not necessary to beat in the lumbar region, abdomen, lymph nodes, the temporal lobes of the head and base of the skull.It is advisable not to beat on his knees, and nerve centers.


If you need a bruise, the easiest way to do it on foot.For exam

ple, you hit yourself on the iron edge of the tibia.

You can also try artificially to "draw" a bruise, use decorative cosmetics (blue-purple shade) or, for example, blueberry juice or ink.However, for the examination of this issue will not work - you will bring to clean water.

There is a trick with a coin: liberally rubbed the desired place bruise with chalk or plaster and rub it all aluminum spoon or rolled up into a ball foil (in a pinch, you can use a coin).Then dip a little water.It is worth noting that such an ecchymosis kept short.

track from a cut can "draw" a match.For this occasion with sulfuric head pressure at the right place.Expected results within a few hours.


In some cases, when necessary, can cut yourself without hurting vital arteries and veins (beware of cuts should be on the inside of the forearm, neck, inner thigh, underarms).Cuts are best applied with a knife with a thin and sharp blade.If possible, it is best to warm up a little knife to body temperature.Then the pain of cuts will not be as strong.

In any situation, it is worth remembering that the beating itself can lead to unexpected and unintended consequences.