Why sperm smells ?

Some girls, who regularly resorted to oral sex, interested in the question of why sperm smells.And the men who carefully look after their health, may also cause this issue.Can sperm unpleasant smell indicate any diseases in the male reproductive system?Let's try to figure it out.

sperm odor and its causes

Many women notice that their male sperm smells of bleach, detergent or bleach.This smell is often surprising hostility and suspicion.It is understandable why suddenly such an unusual odor, or whether the man is sick?

We hasten to reassure you: lightweight (just be sure to light, not heavy!), Barely perceptible odor "bleach" or the smell of starch in the sperm is normal.Why the smell?Scientists have found that the smell of the semen is released by the prostate and seminal vesicles, it is the smell of spermine produced by the prostate gland.

And the power of sperm smell is not the same in all men.In some "chlorine" smell more than others, in addition, the same men that smell can also vary.One

can say for sure if the smell faintly expressed, causes neither you nor your partner any discomfort, then everything is in order.And why sperm stinks, and not just the smell of bleach or something unpleasant, and what to do about it?If the smell of "chlorine" strong and long passes, it is an occasion to address to the urologist, because the smell may be a sign of inflammation.Men will need to hand over his sperm for analysis.

So, we found that in the normal state of the sperm has a slight unpleasant odor that may resemble starch or bleach.But what if the sperm smells like something really unusual?For example, mandarins or coffee?What smells like sperm in other cases, and what is the reason?

The answer is that the smell and taste of sperm directly affects the food that man consumed recently.Many products have a tendency to affect the smell and taste of semen.For example, say that after pineapple juice sperm becomes sweeter and more pleasant to smell.But alcohol and cigarettes have a negative impact on both the smell and the taste of semen.Also the smell of sperm depends on many other factors - age men, sexual activity, physical and psychological.To improve sperm on smell and taste, men need to eat healthy food, eat more fruits, vegetables and juices.

As you can see, the sperm from different males can smell very differently.One thing is certain: if the sperm smell strong, very unpleasant and lasts long enough, you should go to the urologist must!