How to kill a man ?

How to kill a man ?

Many attackers are wondering how to kill a man, and go unpunished.You can dream up, and for a moment to imagine yourself in the place of the criminal in order to understand what he is guided and how to plan your terrible thing.This article assumes a purely informative nature and is not a guide to the worst of crimes.However, it will be about the muse of any detective novel - about the murder.

What is murder?

Killing - the deprivation of another person's life.The Penal Code divides the murder of three categories: simple, qualified and privileged.Manslaughter is not aggravating, not mitigating features.Qualified - aggravated murder:

  • from mercenary prompting or by order;
  • of hooliganism;
  • to conceal another crime;
  • motivated by ethnic, racial hatred, vendetta;
  • in order to use the victim's bodies;
  • murder of state and public figure,
  • person administering justice,
  • law enforcement officer.

privileged - the murder with extenuating circumstances:

  • committed in the heat of passion;
  • committed in excess of measures of self-protection measures and the detention of the offender;
  • killing the mother of the newborn child.

How to choose the scene of the crime?

often murder occurs spontaneously.In this case, there is no preparation.But there are situations where the attacker thinks in advance how to kill a person.

Variations can then be mass.For example, the murder of a tramp can be planned for an hour, and attempted high official can prepare for years.

First of all it is important to take into account the social status and physical condition of the victim, her lifestyle and daily routine, the purpose of murder, and so on.We need to get as much information about the victim.For this is often carried out under surveillance and sometimes covert surveillance.

The easiest way to kill a man, left alone with him.Witnesses then to nothing, and it is difficult to remain unnoticed.Therefore, most of the murders committed in a dark alley or deserted forest belt.

However, there are cases where the murder, on the contrary, was performed in a noisy crowd at the carnival or big holiday.In this case, funny drunk people lose focus, and the killer is easy to merge with the crowd, wearing a mask.

also possible to lure the victim, to make an appointment at a convenient location, such as an abandoned industrial area, or wasteland.But this method can cause a person to suspect your plan.In addition, it can tell others where and to whom it is going.

To avoid these problems can be traced to the victim, her plans to study, and at the moment when she would be in a convenient place to kill yourself, no matter you commit the deed.

ideal place assassination is considered to be neutral territory.House killer or the house of the victim - a bad option.

How to Choose the murder weapon?

When selecting the murder weapon and the need to consider the possibility of the victim and their own strength.Be prepared for resistance.

Firearm is suitable only if you really know how to shoot.Amateur, missed just once, risks to disrupt the operation and immediately get behind bars.In addition, the choice of firearms is very controversial.If it is registered on the killer, then he was immediately found, calculating the weapon.

kill a man with cold steel can be very difficult.You need to have training in order to do it right.In addition, the melee will require not only a killer cruelty and determination, but also physical strength in order to win the battle.

suffocate or drown a man is much more complicated than it seems.For death asphyxia should last quite a long time, and all this time the man charged shock dose of adrenaline, will actively resist.

poisoning - an easy way to get rid of the man.However, here it is necessary to pre-select the poison, to calculate the appropriate dose, to work hard, so that the victim does not suspect a trick.In addition, death from poisoning can occur not at once, and people can have time to save.Alternatively, you can enclose the allergen in food allergies.

As the traces?

ideal option - it is an imitation of a suicide or an accident.The main thing with this - that the cause of death is indeed consistent with the simulated situation.For example, it is foolish to put the gun in his hand man, was shot from a distance of three meters.It is foolish to hang on the person loop, who died from a blow to the head.Yes, and if during his lifetime he did not show suicidal tendencies.

That is, the issue of suicide victims have a sense of potential suicides or people caught in life's serious woes.

accident must also be believable.For example, if a person dies of a supposedly accidental fall from the roof - there must be a reason for him being there, etc.

main stage sweeping tracks is the complete elimination of signs of its presence.Do not leave the scene of the crime on their stuff, fingerprints and even footprints.

From corpse to get rid of a variety of ways.Among the most exotic - dissolution in acid, feeding pigs, dismembering and discarding serialized in different locations.Often the body trying to bury, burn or drown.

And, of course, the most important and the most difficult thing to do before you kill a man - to provide an alibi.