How to install the game from a disc ?

How to install the game from a disc ?

Now we'll analyze the most frequently asked questions when you install games on a personal computer.You will learn how to install the game from a disk from an archive file with the help of the executive and other options.We will start with some advice on installation.

which disk to install the game

There is an opinion that it is best to install the game on the drive where the OS is not installed (operating system).Since usually the OS is installed on drive C (although not necessarily), the game is better to install on drives E, F, etc.However, as we shall see, this statement is true in most cases, but not always.Install the game on another drive (where the operating system is not installed) is really feasible, but only if the game has no hard installation path for the correct operation of all its components.This path (on the system drive) often require games from Microsoft.And I have had a couple of instances when installed on another game drive did not want to patch, that is installable patch

required a folder with the game on the system disk C. Since I have worked two good old games - Total Club Manager 2005 and Crusader Kings Deus Vult (Crusaders: the name of the Lord).In other cases, the installation on the disk where the operating system is not very desirable, because we must try not to overload the system drive for the correct operation of the OS.Now let's talk about how to install the games.

Installing the game from the disc

If you have purchased or have somebody drive with the game, then the process of installing the game, in general, is quite simple.Insert a DVD or CD into the drive, wait for the start-up disk and choose "Install" from the menu.If the installation will need to enter a special code printed on the drive or on the box, then write down its advance, so that it was at hand.If there is a hard peg to the installation path, you will be able to choose where to install the game.Once installation begins, wait for it to end and, if you are prompted to install additional software (software), to agree better, as it will provide you with the correct game.If you have installed on your computer the newer versions of the programs offered to install - do not worry.The installer itself recognizes this, and will not install an older version.Now all you have to do is click on the "Finish" button to complete the installation.By the way, the program code may ask you and after the first run of the game, so keep it ready.And one more thing: if the installation CD is not one, then once prompted, change the disc.

How to install the game from a disk image

disk image - is a special file that the operating system treats as a full disc if it is loaded by a special program in a virtual drive, there is no real, but apparently the OS too, like a real drive.The disk image is easily recognized by their extensions.They usually have the format * iso, but often there are such formats as * mds / * mdf (for correct work need both files), * nrg and others.In order to be able to install the game from a disk image, download a special program called Daemon Tools.After installation, all files from disk images will have a characteristic image with lightning - a symbol of Daemon Tools.Click on the file and the program will open it for installation.Next, do the same things as when installing from a partition.If two or more disks, then, after a pop-up window to insert another disk, simply click on the file to another disk - and the installation will continue.If the game needs to run the disk, again click on the icon image and Daemon Tools will download it.The program allows you to do it manually - using the "mount / unmount the image."

How to install the game without the disk?

Sometimes it happens that even after the disk image downloading the game still will not start.In this case, we can help the so-called cracks (crack) and key generators (keygen) - special programs from replacing the executive (start) the game file, or generate required for the ignition key.After downloading the crack, you just need to put it in your game folder and replace the original file (sometimes with cracks are additional files that also need to throw in the game folder, replacing previously).With regard to the key generator - keygen, then you need to run it and press «Generate» (generate), and the resulting key to enter in the appropriate field.There are more sophisticated ways to generate keys with the introduction of a variety of registration data - in this case, to be sure keygens included instructions on how to do it right.There are also a lot of games for which there is simply no installation disks.In this case, you must either download the archive with the game, or just the executive file with the extension * exe.Clicking on it brings you to the setup menu.Follow the instructions in the installer, and the game is established correctly.

How to install the game from Steam disk

In order to properly install the game from a disk protected program Steam (I must say, disgusting system of protection in terms of installation ease, but this is a topic for another conversation), I recommend you do the following.Signing up on Steam.Now exit from Steam and insert the game disc (or disk image) into the drive, click "Start" then "Run" and type in the string C: \ Program Files (86) \ Steam \ steam.exe -install D: - 64-bit and C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steam.exe -install D: - 32-bit systems.If Steam is installed to a different folder, the address needs to be changed in the same way as in the case CD, DVD-drive have a different address: then enter the desired instead of the «D» letters.Now click on "OK" (you may need to press several times) to install the game.