As free to play WOW?

As free to play WOW?

Greetings, about the future conquerors of Azeroth!By fully supports you in your beautiful endeavor and is willing to share the invaluable experience gained over the years.So, I'll tell you how to play WOW for free.

WOW - an abbreviation of World of Warcraft.World of Warcraft, if you so wish.Even the slogan strapped company "Blizzard" (masterpiece creator), speaks for itself: "This is not a game It's a world.!"(C)

Price question

free play WOW a few dishonest.The project is commercial, the company wants to get paid for your product, and we want to play.But you do not want to pay.Monthly fee (or "subscription") to Russian accounts is small, about 360 rubles.Moreover, the fact will please - overseas comrades pay two and a half times more, and do not even think of saving, so people like WOW.

But remember, we - Russian, which means that something out.And they come up with!Currently, there are hundreds of frishnyh servers.For the quality of the game they are responsible not Blizzy and their creato

rs, often high school students of schools or elementary university courses.But "free"!

Frishard vs Off, Play free WOW

there a way to play for free and off-server.Not for long, but this is enough to a week to go to the ATM and send blood 4 centesimal bills to account for Blizzam.

Limitations of the trial version, depressing.Game Period - 10 days, the maximum character level - 20 (above do not play!), you can not communicate with other players using a common chat channel, use the in-game mail, etc. But the "freebie"..!

To download the WOW, rather, its trial version, go to: start your game.

register, you start the download.The client is configured to off-server.Very handy feature operates background reload: download 300 megabytes, you can already start playing.Given that the full client "weighs" ... ready?About 30 hectares of the hard will cost you is a miracle.

Plus - constant updates, patches, patch, cutting out of the game's most exciting moments.Developers have a tendency to go against the opinion of the players, if all like a palm tree, they drank it, and in its place stuck a Christmas tree.

There is an exit!You do not want to be subjected to abuse mad from lack of development?Frishardy waiting for you.

Free servers WOW

More popularly called them "pirates."It is not clear why, because of the pirates it does not go ... the server creates a "for informational purposes only."So say almost all the owners, and who does not approve, so he must have already received a scolding from Blizzard for violation of the laws of the heap.

list of the most fashionable servers can be seen here: Near the described version of the client server name required for the game, the average server online (some of the worlds superior to even off!), player comments.

instructions on how to start playing on a particular server, you will find on their website, it is obligatory.You will need to open a file and a notebook to write down one line in it - the server address.

And you start to play WOW for free!As an epilogue, I note that my "experience" the game has more than four years, two of which - carried out on the off-server.You know, the difference is small.But it's all under the heading IMHO.

Good luck and see you in Azeroth!