How to download The Sims (Sims)?

How to download The Sims (Sims)?

One of the most popular modern gaming today - is a cult game The Sims.Play it very simply: you can create your own man and to control his life.However, the play on the network in such a game does not work, because it requires a significant amount of memory.Therefore, to calmly play it, you must first download a game or download it from the disk.Let's see how to download Sims correctly.

Booting from

drive The easiest way to download this game - with the help of an ordinary disk.However, it is worth remembering that for the game went ok, you need to create a disk image on a computer using one of the specialized programs.Copy the created disk information about the game, and only then it will be possible to run the program.Very often, you can download the game Sims from multiple disks.Creating an image just involves combining multiple disks into one.This may take you a few hours, but if you wait patiently, the result will please you very much.

network booting

second option is downloading the ga

me - is to download Sims from the Internet.To do this, a link to a free download of this game.It's worth noting that the bend amount is very high, so it will swing for a long time.After you download it, you will need to install it in the usual way on the computer.If the memory of your PC is not able to reproduce and store such large files, you can also, as in the previous method, create a disk image and copy it to the game.

Now let's look at some of the problems that arise in the process of how to download The Sims 3. It is worth noting that the most common problem that occurs when you start the game - this discrepancy OS on your PC - the requirements of the game.Unfortunately, this problem can be solved only by setting a modern operating system on the PC.

second possible problem that occurs when you try to download The Sims 2 - this is a bug that occurs if your computer once it is already a version of this game has been established.The system can not detect the new game and sees it as a renewal of the old.To successfully run the file installed, you must remove everything about old games and set a program in a new way.So, download the Sims 2 is very simple!