How to bypass Frost ?

How to bypass Frost ?

To protect the computer games from a variety of bot programs and prohibited patches come up with a special program, which is called Frost.However, despite this, many people have long since learned to circumvent and this protection.How to avoid frost, that it needs to do - all this we will tell you in this article.

Boat program against Frost

will suit those who plan to use the bot program.Download it with the built-Frost disconnection.After downloading the game screen and before entering your login and password, run the program and use it.The disadvantage of this method of payment for the program - it will cost you an average of four per month.

you still think how to get around the protection of frost?Then use the following advice: download the game window, run the program and choose the option "disable frost" or "remove the frost."Well, and then run your boots and you activate the necessary patches.Approximately half of these programs will be paid, and the second half, respectively, free of c

harge.They all work on the same principle, and when frost is updated to stop working until the program can not be undone.The next version of this anti-frost program will be made about a week.

in radar and antifrosty

How to avoid frost protection in any other way?There are still so-called program-radar with a bypass function Frost.Radar that can activate and remove not only at startup, but also during the game already.Such kits and chargeable cost radar is typically about two hundred per month.

If frost is not updated for a long time, there antifrosty - a folder with program files, similar to frost, but do not have the protective functions.That is, you can in a place where there was a real folder frost, place the antifrost folder and play safely away before.Such programs you can easily find on the Internet and download them for free.Distribute these programs charge is meaningless, since it is obvious that after the frost is updated, the program will stop working.Now that you know how to avoid frost, use these tips and play for fun!