How to dance a striptease ?

How to dance a striptease ?

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How to dance a striptease?

Now we will tell you how to dance striptease.Many women want to learn it to please their men, and I must say that if you like to dance and have a sense of rhythm, nothing is impossible to learn to dance striptease.

Preparing for striptease

The main thing in any case - it is, of course, the desire.Most interesting is that most women are well aware of how to behave with a man, how to please him in bed, but are afraid to perform this incendiary, giving happiness to both the dance.The reasons are usually the same - fear and shame.But if you think about - You're beautiful and sexy, more than that - the desire for her man, and besides, that only may do together.Think about it, drop the false shame and silly complexes and forget about stiffness and shyness.Try to convey their sensuality in the dance, You're dancing for a loved one.In addition, the strip will not only give the beloved and get the most wonderful new sensations, but also bring you

a very tangible benefits.

Firstly, if you are dissatisfied with their body, striptease before you willy-nilly will have to deal with it.To do this, you can enroll in a fitness club classes.Class times can vary, but usually two to three weeks will be enough to make the buttocks firm and tighten the press.It is possible that at the end of this little exercise cycle will bring you pleasure - it can serve as a stimulus to further improve their body.

Secondly, a striptease in front of you will have to take care not only about their shape, but also of the body in general.The skin should be soft and velvety, and it will have to go to the sauna or spa, as well as use different moisturizing and nourishing mask for the face and body.You also need care and your hair and nails.You can visit the solarium.After all these procedures, your skin will look very beautiful and full of freshness.

Music for striptease

Once you have brought your body in order and satisfied with the results, it is time of immediate preparation for the event.What is most important in any dance?Of course, the music!And the strip is no exception.In principle, home strip can dance almost any music, and the main thing here - your personal preferences.Of course, your favorite music will contribute to greater freedom, but do not overdo it - is unlikely to get a good dance for some black metal rock.If the choice of music is difficult for you - watch the video how to dance striptease or buy a disc with a striptease - since today it does not present any difficulty.View video can help decide on the style in which you could dance.

There is one caveat: if there is any melody, which is connected both of you with any pleasant memories of the joint - use in dance it up.After all, favorite relaxing music, evokes pleasant memories for both, will create an amazing atmosphere.One last tip - do not choose the music boring.It can be fast and slow, but always dynamic, with transitions, with well-defined rhythmic patterns.You're going to dance a striptease for her man, but did not put him to sleep.

movement Learn Strip

After selecting the music it's time for learning the dance moves.To start to define a "hardware".The pole for a striptease at home - a rarity, so perfect and an ordinary chair.It is best to choose a chair with a high back - he will give you a great support when cornering.Also it will be possible to sit down and put the legs - for example, to remove the stocking.Now movements.They should be smooth and slightly slower - that such movements are most excite men.Sharp turns and sweeps distract men and can lead you both to the romantic mood.In order not to create a sense of monotony, no need to repeat the same movement more than 5 times in a row, and less is better.And, of course, watch the reaction of his lover on your movements.We now turn to the actual movements, because in order to properly striptease, one must know the basics.

Typically, there are three groups of motions Strip:

  • Spin hip.In order to better carry out these movements stand for the beginning on both feet and slide one foot slightly forward - for example, the left.Relax it and shift your weight to the right foot.Your hip, so will be at a slight angle to the audience favorite.Now you can begin to slowly rotate the thigh in a circle.This basic movement, with which you can come up with a lot of different combinations.
  • Squats.For training of this group of motions stand against the wall and legs apart a bit in hand.Legs like back, should be pushed to the wall.Now lift the heel and start to crawl on the wall, spreading her knees.Back when this should not come off the wall.Thus, you will find yourself squatting with divorced feet.Then start up, not tearing the ass of the wall.You can also use a chair for support.
  • slopes.Here, everything is easier.We need to turn back to the man, with his legs wide apart.Now bend as low as possible - ideally, your face must be visible to the man.If at first you perform the slopes it is difficult, use a chair for support.

Clothing, Shoes for strip and other subtleties

Now you know almost everything about how to dance a striptease at home - still talk about some of the subtleties.For example, on the choice of clothing and footwear for a striptease.For clothes here as long as it can be easily removed.Ideal (because like most men) - negligee, stockings and a belt.Footwear is usually chosen between the shoes and boots.And he and the other option is perfect for strippers.

As for the other subtleties, of course, for beginners it is important to know that when you need to strip undress slowly, the rush is not needed.It is best to "torment" little lover that he was seething with passion and desire.During the dance the best looking man in his eyes - because the eyes can convey innermost desires.And finally: while dancing to touch her man, but do it casually, as if teasing him.

few words about Monty

Let's talk a little bit about how to dance male striptease.As for the training, everything is the same - you have to be in shape, that is, to begin tidy her body, if necessary, go let us down or make it at home.During the dance, using some original costume, and in any case not undress at once, do it gradually.If you have a good figure, then you can use a miniature underwear - such as string.But, for example, with a big belly thong would look simply ridiculous.Of course, the dance movements should also be rehearsed in advance, improvisation can afford if you own the basic elements.And one more thing: when you remove yourself from almost all the clothes, try to involve his girlfriend in a dance - it will be a very memorable and erotic.I wish you success!