How to dance belly dancing ?

How to dance belly dancing ?

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How to dance belly dancing?

Belly Dance - a very old and beautiful dance.Today, almost every city there are schools where you learn how to dance belly dancing.And any woman can learn this beautiful dance, it would wish.

How to learn to dance belly dance

Of course, a better deal under the guidance of a professional, but if you do not have such a possibility, then you can learn this dance and independently.Through the Internet, video lessons, books, TV shows, and so on.Our article will tell you the basics of how to dance belly dancing.Video, of course, much more user friendly to explain to you how it's done, but also dry theory, in the form of text, is also very useful.

Basics Belly Dance

First you need to understand what dance is really nice if your body will not have any "Clips" in the form of fear, hesitation, any stress, both physical and psychological.Stop all your thoughts, let them go, just move to the music.

We do not recommend that you immediately ac

quire afford expensive oriental outfits for teaching this dance.First, you can change your mind, and after some time stop doing.Secondly, your figure, because of the constant training, be sure to change the outfit and have hemming.Therefore, to begin with the usual suit loose clothes that would not hamper your movements.Well, if you have a topic, so that your stomach has been opened.

When you dance, keep in mind that whatever part of your body does not move at this time, the navel, in its horizontal plane must be stationary.If you represent the dancer and the dance itself schematically, imagine that there is a central point.It was around it and play out the rest of the movement.This point is the navel, as well as the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternal female organs.

Belly dance - it is not just physical exercise and dance in its usual sense, but a real attempt to manage your energy.That is the central point, as we call it, is concentrated life force of man.This center should be fixed.If it will randomly move from one side to the other, dancer energy reaches its peak, and the dance itself will somehow "lifeless" and "gray".This can be seen in eastern dance beginners.People who already from the start do not think that belly dancing - it is something more than the usual dances.Yes, it's beautiful, but each movement carries a lot more than just aesthetic beauty.

Each of the dancers movements and their sequence (called a bunch of dance), must be meaningful, and not be meaningless improvisation.For example, the undulations should be at the beginning of the dance and fill the body with energy, to prepare it for further dance.Circular motion will focus your energy, and motion-emissions will direct energy to the viewer.Not quite the usual shaking, which all of us have seen, it is not just beautiful, but also has its own meaning.Such movement, in the truest sense of the word, spills energy dancers around her.Susceptible viewers can literally feel it physically.

can, of course, did not believe in the existence of some kind of energy and energy centers.Nevertheless, the fact remains: belly dance, as practice shows, are always improves the health of dancers and "ignites" the viewer fills it with energy.However, only if the dancer knows the power bases of the belly dance.