How to flash playstation?

How to flash playstation?

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How to flash playstation?

purchasing a Sony Playstation 3 console owners are faced with the fact that it is protected by a software change.This means that you can not install the downloaded pirated games and third-party software other than the one you can buy for the money in the official Sony service.This is a rather severely limits your options.

However, you can reflash your console that allows you to run pirated versions of games.

Preparation for firmware

Before flashing your console, make sure that the Sony Playstation 3 is version 3.55 official firmware and below.If the version is higher, the firmware does not exist for her.View this can be on the path "Settings - System Settings - System Information."

If the version is below 3.55, you can set it to start flashing.To do this:

  1. Download the firmware from the site.
  2. Write it on a USB flash drive on the way «PS3 / UPDATE».These folders must be created independently on a flash drive, which should b
    e formatted in the file system FAT 32.
  3. Insert the flash drive in the console and choose to "System Update - Update via Storage Media" menu.
  4. After the update check system version information.

Now your console is ready for insertion.

How to flash Sony Playstation 3 independently

Installing the new firmware is done in exactly the same way as in the case of an official, but with a few tricks.To do this, follow the simple instructions:

  1. Format the USB flash drive or any other carrier in FAT 32.
  2. file system is created on the carrier PS3 / UPDATE folder.
  3. Download the pirate firmware from here or from this site.They differ in their capabilities.The first firmware allows you to run almost all released games.However, the second firmware is more stable and there will often fly in the game that will take less of a problem to the user of pirated consoles.Most gamers nevertheless choose the first firmware that does not have problems with the launch of third-party software and pirated games that allows you to enjoy any games.
  4. Write pirate firmware to the folder UPDATE on a flash drive or other media.
  5. Connect a USB flash drive or other media to the console and immediately de-energize the console by pulling the power cord.
  6. Turn on the console again by holding the power button for 30 seconds.During this time, the prefix should be turned on and off by itself.
  7. Then again, press the power button and wait for two short beeps from the console.Then you can release the button and wait for the download recovery mode.
  8. Press select "System Update" and wait for its completion.

After installing the firmware, see "Game" must be new items "Install package files" and "/ app_home / PS3_GAME".

Now you know how to sew Rlaystation 3. However, to install and play the game just will not work.You need a startup manager games.The most popular manager to start the game - «multiMAN».

Installation multiMAN stitched on Rlaystation 3

To install multiMAN games manager, you must do the following:

  1. Download the program from this site.
  2. Copy it to a USB flash drive.
  3. Insert the flash drive in the console and the menu "Install package files" in the "game" set program.

Now you have a program to run the games, but they first need to download and burn so that the console saw them.

How to run games on the stitched Rlaystation 3

Download games can be from any of the torrent, where there are games for that console.Then, the game recorded on the media in the folder «GAMEZ».For each game you need to create your own folder name.

game installed and run on a set-top box through multiMAN.The games section with your pirate game will appear.

Please note that not all games are run without the disc, so it is always better to have a Blu-Ray discs with the recorded game.

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