How to learn to belly dance ?

How to learn to belly dance ?

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How to learn to belly dance?

Belly Dance - a kind of oriental dance, which is based on the plasticity and seduction.This dance direction is an excellent alternative to the gym.You will not only your body in order, but also to charge the body with positive emotions.How to learn to belly dance - you will learn from this article.Learn how to dance

  • Pick suitable oriental music.
  • Choose clothes for classes.For beginners fit leggings and a halter top.After several sessions the image can be supplemented loincloth with coins.
  • Before you get started, make a normal workout.
  • Getting to the study of motion.Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, begin moving her hips back and forth, straining with the abdominal muscles.
  • sharply raise right hip and move it to one side, then a similar action to the left.At the same time the abdominal muscles have relaxed.
  • Put your right foot on the toe, lifting the right thigh.Body weight is on the left leg.Begin to rotate the th
    igh in a clockwise direction.Change leg, left hip rotation will occur already counterclockwise.
  • Move your hips from side to side like a pendulum.In a move only the hip, the other parts of the body are in the same position.
  • Learn to rotate the pelvis, presenting twist wrap.Repeat the movement several times.The movement involves only the pelvis and hips.
  • From a standing position scroll down to the bridge.
  • Kneel and crisscross arms above his head.Begin to move down to the soles of his feet.Within minutes Freeze in this position, tense buttocks.
  • Relax your hands.Pick them up and using brushes perform various circular motion while rotating the arms themselves.During rotation engage the shoulders and chest.
  • From a standing position scroll down and remove your hands to the floor.
  • Hands fasten the castle behind.Bend down and start pulling your hands as far as possible, with the rotating body.
  • With eight hips title: slightly bend your knees, make a semicircle right hip up - the side - down, then the other hip.
  • Wave belly: your arms to the side, pull your stomach in itself, and then push back.
  • wave of housing: start a wave from the chin, then click on the shoulders, chest and stomach.Start the movement with a large displacement of each wave, gradually reducing the amplitude of movement and speeding.
  • Shaking: bend your right leg and place it on the toe.The left foot support.Right thigh lift up, lower and make it a boost.Then make a right foot support and the left sock and put it on repeat.Hedgehog is one exercise in shaking hips - alternately lift and lower each thigh to the beat of the music.

With the help of our guide you will be able to learn the basic movements used in belly dance.Also, you can help in training video tutorials presented on our website.

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