How to learn to shake the booty ?

How to learn to shake the booty ?

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How to learn to shake the booty?

Many saw clips and video with dancing, where women are actively shaking booty.This passionate and erotic dance called Booty dance, its essence lies in the rhythmic movements of the hips and booty.And more and more girls dream to learn to dance sing, for this purpose there are special exercises.


Before shake buttocks, it is necessary to put them in order.Defined ass, lead muscle tone through exercise, to be followed systematically and regularly.

  1. Squats.The goal: to make the priest more relief, and resilient.The gluteal muscles become stronger.
    • Feet shoulder width apart, back straight, arms down at your sides.
    • Squat low, gently bending knees slightly aside ass backwards.
    • Perform 10 times for 2 sets, preferably in the morning and evening.
  2. crocodiles.Objective: To learn how to move the buttocks alternately.Popa will be more mobile.
    • Sit on the floor, legs straight in front of him.
    • Start moving the buttocks.
    • 30 steps forward and the same back.
    • is offered daily at any time.
  3. Mahi leg.Objective: taut and toned buttocks.
    • pose standing on all fours, arms straight.
    • Do foot moves the upper hand, knees bent.
    • Right 8 times,
    • left 8 times.
    • Make 3 sets.
    • daily.

Movement in booty dance

After the priest is given the desired shape, you're ready to dance.Movement is desirable to perform in front of a mirror and rhythmic music.First you need to learn the most simple movement.

  1. stand facing the mirror.
  2. legs slightly bent at the knees.
  3. hands stretch in the knees.
  4. begin to move the buttocks as if in shorts is an unnecessary thing, try to remove his hips.For realism, you can even put a coin in the pants.
  5. arms and legs do not move, back straight.

From the first time may not be possible, it is not necessary to be upset.If exercise were correct, then eventually you will achieve the desired result.After a simple movement is mastered, you can move on to more complex.

Movement Booty shake

  1. Stand in the side position, the legs out to the sides, to keep your hands on your hips or straight.
  2. Pull back a little ass.
  3. Tipping the pelvis down, legs slightly bent at the knees,
  4. Gradually add the speed of the move.

rotation of hips

  1. Feet shoulder width apart, hands on his hips.
  2. Rotate hips in a circle, back straight.
  3. Increase speed.
  4. goes down, bending your knees, hips continuing movement.
  5. rises.

Shaking buttocks

  1. initial position in motion Booty shake.
  2. Tighten the muscles of the buttocks.
  3. Making motion booty top down.
  4. You can try to do the movements of each buttock alternately.

after receiving "shaking buttocks", you can try more going for it:

  1. Take a pose "cat", for it to kneel, legs apart, hands slightly forward.
  2. contract the muscles of the buttocks up and down and alternately, as in the previous movement.

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