Removing the family curse ?

Removing the family curse ?

generic curse - is corruption, which is passed down from generation to generation.This occurs most often on the mother and passed to daughters, or on the father, followed by the suffering of his sons.If you have suffered a similar fate, or you are afraid that this might happen soon, it is worth considering the expulsion of unhappiness in your life.We offer to learn how to remove the family curse their own, without the help of wizards and psychics.

Rite for the removal of damage

  1. You will need 33 candles purchased in the church.Every night after the first Saturday (required in the waning moon), light candles and recite the "Our Father."After the prayer, see the icon of God with the words: "Mother of God to soften the hearts of those who curse us not let die my old Lord, save and protect us, the servants of God!"
  2. remains of candles alloy into one large candle, and put it in the church for the health of your damnation.Donate small amount of money to the church and back home.On the way to the gro
    und to meet the crossroads of a small coin toss, saying in his head "paid."
  3. In the coming orthodox holiday buy the church candles and icon 3 Nicholas.And the first day of the next new moon light up one of them before the icon and say the words, "In the open field the city of God is. The hail is the Garden of Eden. In the midst of the garden alatyr-stone lies. At the altar Guardian Angel, all the sins of the Redeemer. It is God praysme and my family. Nicholas the Wonderworker, pray to God for forgiveness and to lift the curse from my house, with my family, with my cattle, with my work! so be it! Amen! "After reading extinguish a candle with your fingers (you can not blow) and hide in a secluded place.
  4. Then repeat the last action with a candle and an icon, but the first day of the waning moon.A third candle is necessary to use "black moon" on the third day.
  5. The next day, after the last ritual go to church and put the remaining candle to those icons, which will show your soul.Leave a little money as a donation and, leaving the church, do not look back.
  6. Going home, repeat the ritual with a coin at a crossroads.Do not forget to mentally say "paid".
  7. Within 4 days after the ritual did not take out of your home, especially not give things to other people.

Do not tell anyone about the rite, or about upcoming intent to get rid of the curse.

All actions must take place at home, in absolute solitude.Even if a family has pets (cats, hamsters, or even fish), they need to bring in another room.

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