How to smoke a cigarette or a cigar ?

How to smoke a cigarette or a cigar ?

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How to smoke a cigarette or a cigar?

process of smoking cigarettes or cigars should be fun.It should look beautiful.After you decide to smoke when you want to relax or unwind.Therefore, smoking quietly, slowly, have fun.

Like smoking cigarettes properly.

If you already smoke, you have a beautiful accessories for it.For example, the lighter.It may not be very expensive, but it's like all your belongings can be a reflection of your personality.Ashtray in your home, but rather a few, can also be a work of art.Surround yourself with these beautiful things.

Keep cigarette near the filter between the middle and index fingers.When prolonged, it is not necessary to look at a cigarette, it looks ridiculous and absurd.Do not leave cigarette in the mouth for a long time, ie,no smoke without using their hands.First, it's uncomfortable, and secondly, it is not beautiful, and thirdly, can get into the eyes of the smoke, but it is not very nice.Do not smoke a cigarette to the fil


How to smoke cigars right.

main difference between cigar smoking cigarettes - cigars do not inhale.Cigar smoke to feel the taste of smoke.Another difference is that the light a cigar not recommend using lighter gasoline.It spoils the flavor of the smoke.

Before you smoke, cut the end of the cigar with a special knife (guillotine).

To light a cigar, it is necessary to observe a ritual:

  • first roll the cigar over a lit match to evenly heat the tip;
  • Now take a cigar in his mouth and tighten, while slowly turning it;
  • Hold the smoke in your mouth and enjoy the aroma, then exhale slowly.

When smoking a cigar ashtray are small, it is not as fast smoldering, like a cigarette.Extinguish a cigar is also not necessary - she will die down in a few seconds.If the cigar went out, and you immediately want to smoke more, you can do it.If the part of the cigar was left from yesterday to, the smoke is not recommended, because the flavor is not the same and even lying on it will acquire an unpleasant taste.

Traditionally cigar smoke after a meal.With cognac or rum flavor combination is unique.Serve in a beautiful cigar cigarette cases or special cigar box in which lies and knife - the guillotine.Typically, hosts that offer guest a cigar, have several types of cigars that can be selected in an open box.

If you are carried away by smoking cigars, and this occupation becomes a way of life for you, you need accessories for smoking:

  • compact humidor (a special box for storing cigars, it supports the desired humidity).In it, you'll keep all your existing cigar.Home humidors can hold up to 200 cigars.They are so different in design that you choose the right for themselves without difficulty.Note the interior decoration, the best for the humidor is considered decoration of cedar.Also it must be equipped with a humidifier and humidity control device.If you travel a lot or drive to work, you can purchase a humidor and a small road.
  • Gilotinka to cut cigars.It can be performed even gold.
  • Special ashtray for cigar.It is, incidentally, can also be placed in the humidor.
  • special long matches for the cigars.