How to drink blood?

How to drink blood?

all mankind imposed the idea that there is such evil vampires.These nocturnal creatures drink blood, killing people for this, sleep in coffins and will not appear on the sunlight.Perhaps these rumors have been caused by some disease that has progressed in the 15th century, and was the place to be, for the most part, in the Transylvania region.After the appearance of a man who suffered from the disease in the street, you could really think about it something nelyudnoe.Since the skin is pale, damaged by the sun, and the power to walk in daylight - no.

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These facts do not deny the fact that there are vampires who know how to drink human blood.It is a disease, or simply eating habits - not known.But if you ask this community, why and what they do, you definitely will answer that it is just like it.Some say that the process of hot and salty blood flow to the mouth, leads them to a higher level of bliss.Some assert that directly forces that get a sip of blood, added thousands of time

s.Also there are people who believe in the ancient religions, maintain rituals that involve drinking blood.

process itself

To know as vampires drink blood, just go to a forum and ask them about it yourself.They only describe most of the experience.It is said that such a tide of adrenaline and emotions do not get no matter what.They bite through a small wound in the arteries, where blood is very hot.You can not bite through the artery itself completely, because the blood flow out very quickly.It is necessary to make a small cut his teeth about the very artery.Until she hits a small fountain, nice to lick the blood, and do not swallow in one gulp.Also, the majority of fans of the red salty fluid explain that when it ceases to flow abundantly, you need a little extra pressure on the artery, and it starts to trickle on.Then you need to press tightly against the artery, and start pulling the blood.

said that blood from the carotid artery, the most delicious and healthy.

In general, this is the basic information on how to drink blood, and how to use it - is at your discretion.