How to remove the spell yourself ?

How to remove the spell yourself ?

If you are sure that you perform the ceremony of love spell, it is better to try to quickly get rid of his actions until he began a reverse process that destroys your life.

basic love spell danger is that your destiny is changed, and this could adversely affect your existence.

"Symptoms" love spell

First you need to understand whether the rite of love spell has been committed over you.This following signs may say:

  • not give peace of mind of a man, anxiety and the desire to constantly be with him.
  • At the same time, love itself does not bring happiness, and the person feels exhausted.
  • There is a loss of interest in work, family, life, and so on. D.
  • man is changing, often for the worse, becomes irritable and inadequate.

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And now look at how to remove the spell yourself and if this is possible.

Removing love spell

If you do realize that you have made over the spell, you can try to remove it yourse

lf.It should be noted that not every spell you can remove yourself, especially if it is made in the blood and is considered one of the most serious and dangerous.

to clean from the love spell, you need to return or destroy all the gifts handed lover.Leave himself a portrait, presented during the passion.This photo wrapped in heavy paper and hide among the dirty laundry.At midnight, light the candles and tightly curtained windows, undress completely and gain full cup of water.

Photo burned, and the ashes spread in the chest area of ​​the heart and forehead.Next, lower your fingers in the water, and say: "net proceeds thicker than water, purify my mind and my body restless.Cleanse my heart from Kruchina sad, inescapable longing of love.Washed clean streams me, wash me with all the sorrows dreary. "

Next wet fingers to draw a cross on his chest and forehead.Wash away all traces of ashes, without using soap.In the morning you wake up refreshed.

It should also be remembered that this ritual should be performed on the waning moon.

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