How to make a cigarette ?

How to make a cigarette ?

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How do cigarettes?

Smoking various herbs - is one of the most ancient traditions of mankind.Modern types of cigarettes often can not boast quality.From the article, you'll learn how to make a cigarette.Information about which of the manufactured cigarette are given in the article: What made cigarette.

Twisting cigarettes

cigarettes - is the most common way to make a "home" cigarette.For this purpose, there are special machines, but most people prefer to do it manually.

Prepare to work:

  • paper (preferably a special);
  • tobacco;
  • filter.

Cigarette Manufacturing

  1. best choice for the production of cigarettes will be special paper with pre-applied adhesive.If not, use plain tissue paper, cut into strips of desired length and thickness.Do not make the cigarettes from the newspapers.When burning ink allocates a lot of toxic substances.
  2. poured glue on the opposite side of a pinch of tobacco and evenly distribute it across the paper.The adhesive strip should be place
    d on top.If not, simply pull back from the edge of 5 mm.
  3. puts in a cigarette filter.It is better if it is a model bought in a specialty store.If it's not, you can make a piece of cotton filter, but find it much harder than an industrial counterpart.There is another method.To do this, remove the middle of a matchbox, which should be placed on top of the tissue, gently turning into a tube.Such a filter is weak, but for lack of a better option can be used.Holding the cigarette
  4. index fingers, begin to twist it big.Tobacco begins to thicken slowly.Once the consistency of the cigarettes is smooth, you can proceed to its sealing.If there is adhesive strip, moisten it and pressed against the cigarette.If you have any questions, you can view instructional videos on how to make a cigarette with his own hands.


Tobacco Tobacco - not mandatory, but the most common ingredient in hand-rolled cigarettes.So get acquainted with how to make a cigarette, it is necessary to start with the preparation of smoking tobacco.

You will need:

  • tobacco leaves;
  • knife;
  • baking;
  • sheet of paper;
  • oven;
  • towel.

Cigarette Manufacturing

  1. Narva tobacco leaves.Doing this it is recommended up to 11 hours of the day.At this time, the plants most active metabolism, and their leaves will be more fragrant.
  2. Tie the leaves into small bunches and hang them in a dark place with good air circulation.Minimum drying time - 3 weeks.
  3. next stage of training - fermentation.To do this, add up all the leaves in a plastic bag, tie it and place it in a dark place.On completion of the process indicated by the change of leaf color on a yellow-brown.
  4. Prostelite baking sheet of paper.Finely chop the leaves and sprinkle them with a thin layer on the paper.Preheat oven to 1000C and place it in the tobacco.Keep an eye on him.During drying it should darken but not burn.
  5. Keep a tobacco recommend in a cotton bag or glass dish.

alternatives to tobacco

Besides tobacco, a cigarette can be made from tea.If you quit smoking, it is a great option.So you will gradually wean the body from nicotine addiction without changing your habits.

Council for this purpose to use green tea finely ground.If you have a cigarette, pour out of her tobacco, replacing it with tea.Completely harmless this cigarette will not, because the harmful substances contained in the paper, but still, compared to traditional smoking, the harm of it less.

Additional information about smoking cigars and cigarettes is described in the article - How to smoke a cigarette or a cigar.