How many dogs in heat ?

How many dogs in heat ?

dogs biological structure is different from the human, and therefore the duration of some processes, too, is different.For dogs more than sleep, but eat less.That is, how many dogs and estrus cycle duration of which depends, also depends on the specific processes of the body.

duration of estrus

have pet dogs, as a rule, in a year there are two sexual cycle.But depending on the organism and the environment, there are times when the flow bitches about once a year or once every 10-11 months.Estrus itself usually lasts 21-28 days.

The phases of the sexual cycle

dog in sexual cycle includes four successive phases:

  1. proestrus
  2. Hunting
  3. Posletechka
  4. rest period


period of preparation of the body of the dog to the nurturing of the fetus.At this time in the ovaries grow and mature follicles, which secrete estrogen.

Loop bitch at this time swells, becomes wet, the vaginal wall and uterus are sealed.There may be bright spotting.Proestrus lasts for 3 to 20 days, but the average leng

th of the phase in dogs for a week.

Bitch in this period becomes a naughty, playful and very active, frequently urinating, attracting scent dogs in the area.But in this phase, the dog does not admit males react aggressively and cages do not allow it.


sexual cycle period of bitches, in which ovulation occurs and the dog is ready to mate.Its duration varies from one to ten days, but usually lasts about three to five.

This phase is the most favorable to mating.Bitch willingly accepts the male.If you touch the croup, removes the tail to one side and puts his hind legs, taking a stable position.Present lightly colored or colorless discharge.

It is best to carry out the binding to the second or third day, repeating it in 24-48 hours.


Duration of phase - one or two months.The body releases progesterone, ovulation is suppressed, and reproductive tract returned to normal.Bitch snaps at males, and sexual functions are extinguished.

During this period, perhaps the phenomenon of false pregnancy.A dog can pick any object such as a shoe, and behave as if it is a puppy.She will feed him, lick and take care of him.It is absolutely unnecessary behavior and evidence of a mental disorder.It is necessary to select the item, and then do the enhanced training of a dog that is not repeated in the future.

sexual rest

Duration of phase - three or four months.During this period, bitch calm interest in male dogs is not showing.The body gains strength for a new ovulation.

Signs Emergency heat

Understand that the dog will soon start in heat, can be on several grounds:

  1. behavior.The bitch becomes restless, playful and hyperactive.
  2. Frequent urination.Dog tags territory, letting dogs on puberty.
  3. Molting.Some dogs shed profusely before estrus.
  4. changes in the genitals.Loop swells and increases in size.

In order to determine how many dogs in heat in your case, you must record the date of the beginning of the cycle in the calendar.Helps also inquiries about the cycle of mother dog.

Cynologists strongly recommended to carry out the binding in the first heat in dogs.The organism is still young and fragile, and therefore it is better to wait until the second or third time.