How to fix Windows errors?

How to fix Windows errors?

Despite the fact that the Windows operating system is considered to be quite reliable and stable, but any user will still not immune to failures in its work.Errors that occur during operation of the operating system may be triggered by a variety of factors.Even, for example, a virus infection can cause malfunctions Windows.And if you promptly removed malware, they are still directly or indirectly caused the imprint of the operating system and its work processes.Also, after you install any specific software instability may occur in the work.But still not particularly pleased when the operating system displays an error, and you start to think about how to fix Windows errors.Let's try to solve this problem.

For this we need:

  • The computer that is running Windows
  • program TuneUp Utilities

manual troubleshooting

  • Today, with the help of internet you can find a huge variety of programs that can check the Windowsthe stability of its work, in consequence, correcting existing errors.The most conv
    enient is considered the program TuneUp Utilities.Despite the fact that it is a business, the Internet can be and look trivial version.In order for us to understand how to fix windose, you just need to download TuneUp Utilities and install it on your computer.
  • Then we just run the program.After the first start-up process begins scanning system.Once it is completed, we immediately find ourselves in the main menu of the program.
  • have a menu consisting of three sections before us.First we need to go to the "System Support" section and activate the option "Automatically".The program will correct errors of the operating system automatically, as well as to remove their causes.In addition, this program cleans the registry and if there is a need, then defragment the hard drive manufactures.Next, we turn to the "Performance" section of the menu.In this section, we will see the words "Recommendations" on which button is pressed.Before us there will be recommendations for system configuration.It is necessary to remove the program, if any, which have a negative effect on the operating system.Here with the help of these sections can be corrected, and Windows XP, Windows 7 and other Windows systems, n is not everything.
  • we then go to "Fix Problems" section and click there on the line "Problems" the left mouse button.Before our eyes will open a list of the problems and ways to address them.For example, you never checked the hard drive for faults, and his work may be unstable.The program immediately prompts you to check it further and fix the problems.
  • Then, after the program will correct all the errors, you need to restart your computer.After that, your operating system will work much better or more stable, at least, should be.The procedure of checking for faults of your operating system, as well as the correction and elimination of errors in its work must be repeated from time to time.Also with the help of automatic notification program will remind when and how to correct the mistakes of Windows 7, Windows XP or other Windows systems, if they detect it.

Here's a quick tutorial should help you to work in the operating system does not bring you discomfort.