What is a hookah is better?

What is a hookah is better?

Not so long ago, such as the eastern attribute hookah, joined in our culture, and immediately gained a lot of admirers and connoisseurs.There are plenty of different hookahs both external signs, and in the manufacture of material and structural features.But what a hookah lasts longer, which one is better for what can be saved, and what better not to do?In this article, we will try to explain to you what is best to buy a hookah.

height and purpose

Firstly, immediately should decide for what purpose you need a hookah:

  • If as a souvenir, hookahs are usually small.They have a height of about 20 cm, and are beautifully decorate your interior, recalling the trip overseas.Despite the fact that smoking, a hookah is practically not adapted.
  • as not too expensive gift, or to carry with you, you can buy a hookah in size from 30 up to 45 cm. It is quite suitable for smoking, but not too often.In connection with its dimensions it is inexpensive.It can take a visit to the nature or, in general, is a hooka
    h for direct use.
  • If you are a true fan of a hookah, is to buy "workhorse" that is, the height of 60-100 cm hookah.
  • If you want to design your interior in oriental style, it can be called a fixture of decorative hookah, which has a greater height and,sometimes sealed tube.

What a good hookah

When it comes to a hookah, once it is worth noting the specifics of production of its mines.This parameter hookahs are divided into thread and components.The threaded hookahs, hookah shaft is screwed directly into his flask.The same component, this shaft is connected to the bulb by means of seals.There is a huge difference, but composite hookahs you often have to change the seal, and the threaded hookah, if you fall through a thread, you will be problematically flask choose the desired size.Let's just say screw hookahs, as a rule, the quality is better, they are less than the siphon, that is, pass the smoke, and more durable.

Number of tubes

If you are thinking what a hookah is better, for sure will advise you to take a hookah with a pipe for smoking.Hookahs with two or three tubes designed primarily for the Europeans, and their integrity is much inferior to hookahs with a single tube.Yet, if this option is not for you to play a large role when buying a hookah pipes with multiple pay attention to the presence of the valve in each tube to inhale each time you do not have to block the tubes, which is not currently used.


When you choose a hookah, pay attention to the material of the shaft is made of a smoking device.As with smoking, the mine produced humid air and steam from the low-quality metal hookah quickly oxidize and fail.Better to feel the weight when buying a hookah than it is heavier, the better the material is used.


glass bulb may shatter, and iron can not see the water level.Therefore it is better to buy a hookah, glass and thick walls before checking it for leaks, blowing air into it.Flasks Price may vary across the range, starting from cheap, thin-walled glass bulbs, and ending with flasks of crystal and Bohemian glass.


The main quality of the hose is not its appearance and tightness.When selection is based precisely on this indicator.It is also desirable that the lugs are made of plastic or hardwood.There are tubes in which you can insert special cooling of the capsule, so that the smoke was even cooler.


considered best bowl of ceramics, which is covered with glaze.This bowl is better to wash after use and less absorb odors.


best are removable saucers, which are set firmly on the shaft of a hookah, and, moreover, do not hang out.You can pick up a dish with high sides and wide, because through them the ashes will wake less.

What is the best tobacco for hookah

these issues often puzzled consumers.We will advise you with options, depending on the quality and cost.

  • Inexpensive - Al Fakheri, Nakhla Mizo.
  • good and not too expensive - Layalina Premium, Golden Layalina.
  • most "cool" tobacco - Starbuzz, Social Smoke.
  • popular flavors - Golden Layalina - BPS and Blue Mist.
  • nicotine mixture - a mixture based on sugar beet and sugar - Shiazo.

What better coal for hookah

  • When choosing coal worth considering factors of its flammability speed, longitude, burning and discharge of harmful substances from the heat.Thus wood species coal incite longer, but it burns to 2 hours, at its combustion air to the harmful substances do not fall, he does not smoke and does not give by-taste.
  • Bystrovosplamenyayuschiysya coal, though easy to use, but since it contains alcohol and nitrate, it quickly fade, and smoke can alter the taste of the hookah.Before smoking hookah with coal, a certain time is necessary to wait until a piece of coal will not burn out harmful substances.
  • There flavored kinds of charcoal, combustion of which fill the room with aromas of fruit, berries or honey.
  • Electric coal appeared not so long ago.The heating element in his favor spiral.It is the most reliable and safest because it does not smoke, does not change the taste, and does not emit harmful compounds.

I hope we have helped you choose so revered in the East attribute to smoking - a hookah.Do not forget that abuse of hookah smoking is not necessary, because it is fraught with health.