When a person smokes ?

When a person smokes ?

smoking for a long time is a popular habit that originated in ancient times.Scientists have speculated that the ancient people smoking is a ritual.For example, smoking cannabis has arisen as an attribute of ritual to free the consciousness of the shaman to achieve a certain state of mind.

Now, through many centuries, smoking has become a common pastime for many people.Why this habit is so popular these days?When and why do people smoke?Let's try to sort out these issues.

Smoking Causes

start smoking may be at different ages and for different reasons.

  • Adolescence, the desire to try something new or to be like those who understands you.
  • Imposed habit.When all the smoke around, unconsciously begin to get used to it.
  • Severe trauma, depressed, helpless state, and everything that can easily form a habit.In such cases, there is, smoking saves from neuroses.
  • Having nothing to do, waiting for something, someone.For example, before people often smoked at stations to take the time.
  • Lower pressure.In principle, smoking is not a rare Hypertension is something terrifying.Slightly lower blood pressure in some people does not hurt.Of course, if it is not a serious condition and the patient's heart.
  • blood clots.It is known that smoking makes the blood thicker, someone smokes in principle for a long time, to be sure that he will not die from blood loss in trauma.

smoking as a habit

person gets used to smoke for several reasons:

  • psychological habit.A person can feel more secure, it does not hurt so much, it's not so bad when the cigarette in his hand.Of course, we are talking about people with addiction.
  • resins and carbon monoxide penetrate the metabolism.When a person quits smoking, the body harder.Unlearning from nicotine may be accompanied by fever, fever, allergic reactions, fullness, pressure, heartbeat, dizziness, and other "pleasures".

"Why do I smoke?"- This question may arise in any smoker.But it is unlikely he will be able to explain to myself why.It is a method of psychological protection / habit, dense to penetrate inside of us, not only at the level of consciousness, but also on a physiological level.But let's not forget that everything is good in moderation.A glass of wine at dinner and cigarette / cigar after a hard day's work did not kill anyone.Throughout need moderation.

Whatever it was, smoking has its advantages: reducing the likelihood of Alzheimer's disease and brain stimulation works.Also noted for smoking a calming effect on a chemical level.

smoke or not - you choose.In any case, you need to be tolerant!

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