How to keep cats ?

How to keep cats ?

Deciding to get a cat, you should decide: will it produce offspring or not to do it.The owners, who dream to tinker with the kittens, you need to know how to keep cats and become familiar with the nuances of the process.If you do not want to breed cats, it is better to sterilize the animal.

beginning of puberty

first time cats come to "hunt" at the age of 7-8 months, but this is not the appropriate time for exploring the cat.So, the age at which to reduce the cat?The final formation and physiological maturation of sex organs to the ends of 1-1.5 years, will form and grow stronger, the pelvic bone.This is the best time for the cat to avoid further miscarriage or the birth of underdeveloped or deformed kittens.If the cat does not happen for a long time, if reproduction age lost, it is better to forget about the kittens, pregnancy later date will only be harmful.

Desire cats manifested estrus.It named so because of the outflows bleeding from the genitals during sex "hunting".Cats in heat leads t

o a change in the behavior of the animal.Cat behaves particularly gently, he wants to rub on long legs, rolling on the floor and often lick their genitals.When stroking the back bends, and become in a characteristic pose for mating.

meeting and mating

Estrus lasts for 8-15 days in the cat, but when it is possible to reduce a cat depends on her desire manifested enlistment meow.It happens that the cat does not admit to themselves male.Often this is due to memories of a possible previous pairing, happened without her desire.

Cats are very capricious creatures, besides more and capricious.If the cat does not like a cat or not the situation, how to bring the cat to a cat can be a problem.She suddenly turns into a hissing clawed and toothy beast.The next time the animals should introduce in advance.Try not to change the male, because by nature cats odnolyubki.Mating of cats, it is desirable to hold the animal in a familiar environment.And when delivering her to the groom to avoid stress.But never, under any circumstances, be forced to make a cat to take the cat!

If all the recommendations how to reduce the observed cats, female favorably react to the cat and after a while he has admitted.Cat missing cat by the scruff of his teeth, and mates.Sexual intercourse ends very quickly.Cat angrily growls, scratches and breaks.The penis in the male cat has a notch and causes pain to the female, but in this moment, and ovulation occurs.To ensure that the animals still held together for 2-3 days.