How to bury a cat ?

How to bury a cat ?

Cats - surprisingly cute pets, so their short life we ​​have time strongly attached to them.It is very difficult sometimes to realize that the cat or the cat died, because they often live with us for 10-15 years.If you still have overtaken such trouble, then we will try to help you on the issue of burial of your pet.

How to bury the cat on a special cemetery

Despite the fact that in our country is not fully debugged system of monitoring of pets, in some big cities has designated a cemetery for pets.Such cemeteries are very similar to human, and even provide the same services.There you can order the delivery of a pet body out of the house, set on a grave headstone with photos, nicknames and years of life.All this is definitely worth the money, but because many of us have a favorite cat - almost a family member.

for burial in the cemetery of the animal it is necessary to cremate him.After that, the dust can be buried, to dispel a special garden or take home with them.

Where to bury a cat to

can also bury the dead cat yourself.If you know of any informal space for the burial of pets, you can bury it there.If such sites do not, you can bury it, for instance, in his dacha.As environmental regulations burial of pets in undesignated places for this is a violation.But as a rule, the majority of citizens it does not stop, for the observance of the rules of burial supervisory authorities should not be too closely.

In recent times, you can see the ads on services cremation of pets, which is quite legitimate and viable alternative to burial on the site.

How bury cats abroad

In many other countries pet cemetery is much more common and provide the owners of dead animals every opportunity to bury a pet with all the honors of men.And the graves of buried animals are constantly being cared for.