What can replace cigarettes ?

What can replace cigarettes ?

As a rule, a person who has decided to quit smoking, start to look for all possible replacement to the "passion", and not infrequently, having overcome one addiction acquires another.Quitting smoking is undoubtedly one of the most important events in life.Every day you feel more beautiful, the skin begins to brighten, as if by magic disappear headaches, breathing becomes easier, without the characteristic posipyvaniya disappears shortness of breath, cough disappears morning.

Doubtful substitutes

If you are looking to replace cigarettes than in the period of withdrawal, you risk to feel the all the possible side effects from their use.Safe alternatives do not exist (their effectiveness is also questionable).One of the most commonly proposed alternatives - the usual candy, or candy.Replace the cigarette they are unlikely to succeed, but to break the process of digestion they can.Excessive sugar will lead to a violation of carbohydrate metabolism and obesity.For digestive disorders also lead-nico

tine chewing gum.Moreover, it does not reduce the consumption of drug addiction to nicotine itself since it contains (although at lower doses).Analogous "useless" and the properties of the nicotine patch.Many are trying to find a replacement for all kinds of chewing sticks from the matches, finishing with tree branches.Matches impregnated unsafe for the human body chemistry, and clean, and also pleasant to the taste, the branch is hard to find.Currently, the increasing popularity acquire electronic cigarettes.As stated by manufacturers, they are harmless to health, because it does not contain tar and Thaksin, which are abundant in the smoke of ordinary cigarettes.However, about the fact that nicotine - poison for some reason they are silent.And it is this nicotine does not allow you to escape from this terrible addiction.Smoking - is primarily a drug addiction, fight it with the help of drugs useless, and with the help of various "classes" for stupid mouth.

These substitutes

Still, what can replace cigarettes?The answer is simple: clean air, good mood, sports.If you have the desire to smoke is better to do a few deep breaths, filling their lungs have not poisoned, but clean, pleasant, helpful and most importantly the air and wonder "How do without it costing?".Remember to quit smoking You do not throw, but on the contrary acquire very valuable thing as health.