How many cats are pregnant go ?

How many cats are pregnant go ?

Pregnancy domestic cat - a big event for the whole family.Of course, once it is known that the cat is pregnant, everything becomes interesting as well as pregnant cats go, in principle?As people 9 months?Hardly - it's too much ... maybe a month?Well, it's too small.Let's understand and know how many months pregnant cat goes and what stages of pregnancy

are these wonderful animals.

For a start it is worth noting an interesting fact, which, certainly, know almost everything.Cats can give birth, as one, and immediately ten kittens!As you know, cat owners should be prepared for the appearance of any number of little kittens.

Cats all as individual as people.Pregnancy is an average of about 65 days.In the long-haired cat breeds pregnancy usually lasts 62 to 72 days, while the shorthair about 58-68 days.Also, the role played by the number of kittens.If there are more than five, the duration of the pregnancy, the cat may be reduced.And if just a couple or even one, then increase.

stages of pregnancy cats

  • 20-25 days.At this stage in cats turn pink and rounded nipples.Approximately one and a half centimeters is increased tummy and become more pliable, somnolence, and improves appetite.
  • 30-31 days.Stomach diameter increases further two to two and a half centimeters.the fruit itself is about three and a half centimeters.
  • 5-6 weeks.Embryos are lowered into the peritoneal cavity of cats.The abdomen has increased significantly, can be seen even with the naked eye.Although, there are exceptions.If the kitten, for example, one.In this case, one can not notice pregnancy.
  • 42-50 days.The embryos develop at an accelerated pace.The value of the fruit has already reached five to eight centimeters.These days, the fetus begins to grow hair.In most cats can be a little worse appetite.
  • After 50 days noticed the movement of fruit.

During pregnancy in cats may be a difference in nature.Therefore, the owners will have to follow the tastes of some feline moods.For example, the cat will try as much as possible to spend more time alone.Avoid other cats (if they exist) and even the people in the house.Perhaps contrary to some of the periods, constantly "asking for" affection.And the affection she needs to be sure to give.

At the end of her pregnancy, cats tend to become quite restless.Tossed on the bed, rushing to and fro.Thus, the cat is looking for a convenient place.There is every chance that the owners face a rather unpleasant surprises in the apartment, because the cat will be difficult to hold back urine.

When a cat will be ready to give birth, she will "scream" loud enough so that the birth of kittens you will not miss.