How a cat in heat ?

How a cat in heat ?

Four-legged friends have been living among us.We feed them, caress, pamper and love, just like our family members.However, few of us think about the fact that there are animal heat, and they have consequences, as well as largely affect the pet's mood and behavior.And, as a rule, people do not have the concept of how much of a cat in heat, and how often it happens.


estrus Estrus - a special state of the animal.It occurs in a certain age cats.By this phenomenon it made the change not only the physiological condition of the animal, but changes take place in his psyche.

How to estrus and how much it lasts

animal, in contrast, from the man can not tell us about their change, but we can determine this if we know what, pay vnimanie.Skolko lasts estrus in cats, a clear answerdifficult.In most cases, the cats estrus lasts from 6 to 10 days.6 days estrus occurs in young cats that are only suitable for adult life.10 days - this is an average figure.

In some cases, the estrus in cats and can reac

h 20 days.Do not be alarmed if your cat has got into such a situation, it is normal and is caused by individual characteristics of the organism.So, how many days in cats in heat, due not only to the age of the animal, but the physiological characteristics, color and even breed.

Signs of estrus:

  • changing its behavior - the aggressiveness to caress.
  • loud, endless cries of the animal (day and night).
  • Frequent urination.
  • refusal to eat.
  • Swelling of the genital organs (it is almost imperceptible, and only an expert can determine).
  • changing gait - a cat walking on its hind, legs bent and with high tail lifts.
  • Frequent washing of cats, as from the genitals appear transparent allocation.

should know that unlike dogs, cats are no bleeding.And also, some cats in heat takes place quietly and calmly, that pleases the hosts.

At what age begins estrus

first heat your pet may be starting from 6-8 months.Some cats since 12 months.If your cat is already 2 years old, if not more, and heat does not, then there was a hormonal failure and should contact your veterinarian.The interval between heats is about 15-25 days.You should be careful not to sterilize the pet during estrus.

Estrus and offspring

If you decide to have kittens, it's all very simple, you have to wait for a cat's heat and reduce it to a cat.After a prosperous pregnancy you are born kittens, and heat in the animal will not be for about 3.5 months.During estrus cat is particularly sensitive and begins to mark its territory.Care must be taken, and in any case not yell at your cat, do not hit and did not hurt, even in the event of aggression on her part.The animal in heat does not control what happens to him and can not obey you.We need to have patience and a little podozhdat, then both you and your pet will be easier to go through this period.