Estrus a cat , what to do ?

Estrus a cat , what to do ?

Taking kitty, many do not even think about a house that will be when she grows up.But time passes, and the animal begins puberty, with all the ensuing consequences.And then home to "shock" ask the experts, if started at a cat in heat - what to do.Let's first understand, when puberty occurs and how it manifests itself.

Puberty Age

maturation of cats depends on the following factors:

  • Breed.Shorthair "mature" before.
  • Conditions of detention.The pet usually ripens later street cats.
  • Food Quality and weight of the animal.In small-sized cats, maturation occurs later.

On average, this period comes in 6-8 months and lasts for about 8 years.Although there have been cases when the cat resulted in offspring and 15 years.

Signs of puberty cats

Estrus (estrus in cats) is a special psychological and physiological condition of the animal, coming into puberty cats and indicates that your cat is ready to become a mother, and for that she needs a cat.During this period, your pet may occur abrupt chang

e in behavior.Can show signs of aggression or, on the contrary, the cat will be very affectionate.If the animal pat on the shoulder or near the tail, it will falls on the front paws, dismiss the pelvis and tail lift.All this is accompanied by a loud rumbling or insistent cries.

estrus in cats is not accompanied by a bloody discharge, and that's good.Sometimes seen decreased appetite, mucous discharge from the genitals and swelling.Although sometimes asymptomatic and heat.The duration and frequency of this period depends on the rock conditions and cats, season.Usually estrus lasts 6-8 days, if the mating and fertilization has not occurred, it can be repeated after 25 days.In general, this is purely for each individual animal.For example, obesity may be a cause of the lack of heat, some of pedigreed cats between heats is 18-25 days, and in some it happens only 2-3 times a year.

What to do when estrus

most natural way to stop all this "outrage" to find a cat a cat.But here it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • Age cats.Before the year is not recommended pairing the animal, because it is not ready yet.
  • Are you ready to take on the education of kittens?
  • Too frequent deliveries exhaust cat.

second option - to give a cat a pill.There is also some nuances.Hormonal treatments can not give the animal more than 2 times a year.They lead to the failure of the body's hormonal cat, which is fraught with the appearance of tumors.

The third way - sterilization.It will solve your problem once and for all.And a question concerning the matter if a cat in heat - what to do, will disappear by itself.