What is the spice ?

What is the spice ?

Spice is a mixture of smoking.Previously, it was produced on the basis of blue lotus and Hawaiian roses.Currently, the spice has a different composition, which we now consider.

What makes the spice?

Today spice production is based on one or more of the following plants:

  • Guarana Catuaba.This plant contains a huge amount of apomorphine and nutsiferina.The plant is similar to morphine, has an impact on human behavior, causing him aggressive and uncontrolled behavior.
  • Dwarf skullcap.The composition of this plant is part of the trans-neoklerodanovy diterpenoid.He has a serious load on the cardiovascular system and impairs the perception of reality.
  • Lion's tail.Enough dangerous plant, its effect is very strong, comparable to marijuana.It has a relaxing effect.
  • Mytnik.It is a powerful aphrodisiac, which has a sedative effect on the body, disrupting the natural emotional reactions.
  • Macon Brava.This plant is a species of hallucinogenic marijuana.It has a strong inhibitory effect on the brain.
  • Siberian motherwort.It is composed of psychoactive alkaloids, which artificially weaken blood vessels.
  • Kratom.Very strong hallucinogenic plant, which includes salvinorin.

resulting mixture of these plants is further impregnated with synthetic substances psychotropic and narcotic effect.

consequences of the use of spice

spice Many sellers claim that such smoking blends are safe for health, because they include plants that have found application in medicine official.However, they are silent about the fact that the dosage to be used for smoking, are not valid for uncontrolled reception.Moreover, as mentioned above, an additional synthetic substance added to the mixture.As a result, the spice turns into a real poison for humans!When used

smoking mixtures occurs:

  • rapid aging of the cardiovascular and nervous system;
  • violation of integrity of the individual;
  • injuries of internal organs;
  • occurrence of illusions;
  • violation adequate perception of reality;
  • emergence of psycho-organic syndrome;
  • decreased performance;
  • irreversible destruction of brain cells;
  • minimize the production of testosterone, which reduces the attraction to the opposite sex;
  • occurrence of persecution mania;
  • sharp decline in intelligence and memory;
  • loss of interest.

important to understand that the spice destroys the human body and can lead not only to serious illness and heart attack, and death.In addition, under its influence a person ceases to control themselves, which can lead to disastrous consequences (murder or assault under the influence of a smoking blend, and so on).It is therefore important not to use the spice, which is positioned as a safe, because in fact it is a drug that causes dependence.

responsible for the sale and purchase of spice

According to the decision of Rospotrebnadzor "About smoking blends» (№23 from 3.04.2009 g) implementation of spice and similar substances is prohibited and is subject to the imposition of administrative penalties for sellers with full confiscation of the goods.