What to feed a castrated cat ?

What to feed a castrated cat ?

Your Pet drives you crazy?Day and night cries and asks "girlfriend"?Marks territory, so much so zealously that the "call" is already visible to your neighbors?If all of these questions you answered yes, then perhaps you have already decided on the cat castration.Maybe Your pet has survived the flogging, and now you are faced with a new problem.What to feed a castrated cat?Here come to the aid veterinary science and common sense of the owner.

Features castrated cat

Castration - operation, though fast, but still serious.And if you have already decided, and resorted to it, then be prepared for the fact that Your Pet change much.First of all, change its character and behavior.Lack of testes in males causes a complete change in hormonal levels.Kotick will move less and play more time he will spend in "cat Thinking" becomes more melancholic, will most of the time dozing.The former interest in the "girlfriends" disappear, end the marriage cries and marks its territory.But this outward calm and tranqu

ility will lead to a new interest - interest in eating!And that is why proper feeding and care of neutered cats is very important.

Power castrated cat

There are a few immutable rules regarding food seals castrato.

Most importantly, perhaps - in any case not to overfeed pet!The lack of active movement and measured way of life, combined with abundant food can lead to weight gain, ie, obesity.And it is fraught with serious problems with the health of the cat.There may be heart problems, shortness of breath, frequent indigestion.Some veterinarians even associated with obesity occurrence of urolithiasis.For cats it is especially scary because of the peculiar structure of the urinary channel.It is very narrow and winding.Such disease may even lead to the death of the animal.

Decide diet cat food.Either it will be ready food or homemade food, that is, the food is homemade.It is better to stick to one type of food.

begin with industrial (finished) feed.Can I feed the neutered cat dry food?Many experts disagree on dry feed.Some even advise to exclude them from the diet, but there are those who favor the dry food.In any case, must be food quality.If you find a suitable brand of feed, it is like a cat, then stop on it.It is not necessary to change the feed very often.And always remember that the best friend of dry cat food - it's fresh drinking water!

Preferably, considered by many to feed the neutered cats canned ready.They are not dry, it is better digestible and do not require such fluid intake, as in the case of dry feed.You can combine the dry food and canned food, but rather that they were the same brand.

Home food should not be "off the table" and specially prepared for the animal.If your pet prefers meat, then boiled it.It can be chicken or offal, beef.Do not let fat cat meat.Remember - it can get better!What to feed the cat castrated to power was balanced?Add the meat and vegetables various cereals: buckwheat or oats, carrots and cabbage.Do not forget, based on sour milk products, they are very helpful to cats.

Finally, watch out for your pet to play more with him, show care and affection, and he will be happy and healthy!