How to download games on your phone ?

How to download games on your phone ?

It's no secret that the mobile phone is considered to be a must have accessory for the modern man.And manufacturers of mobile phones for a long time started to expand device functionality, complementing them with all sorts of useful functions.For example, it is possible to download games to your phone, and to pass the time on public transport or elsewhere.Let's try to consider all possible ways of how to download Java-games for mobile phone.


phone Learn more about the Java-games

Yes, we are faced with an unfamiliar word - Java.What is a Java-games?

Java - a platform under which the low-power applications and games.It is not demanding on the resources of the device, which is a hand to manufacturers of mobile phones.Not only confuse Java and JavaScript - these are different things, and interfere with the JavaScript on your mobile if you have hardly.We analyze long ways to download full games to your phone.

Download free games for mobile phone

Yes, of course, there is the possibility of p

laying on your phone to download for free and without time-consuming.The easiest option to download the game to your phone - take it from a friend.How to do it?

You probably know that virtually all modern mobile phones have built-in communication interfaces, better known as the bluetooth or already fading into the past IR (infrared).In both cases, we need only find the interesting games in the phone the file from which the transfer will be carried out, and, in fact, pass.There is practically no role, the manufacturer of your phone.It requires only enable the receiving device and confirm with "OK" you agree to accept.

In the case of the IR port, remember: do not create interference between the two phones and spread them over a long distance.It is advisable to observe a distance of about 15-30 cm.Then you'll have to upload the game on your mobile.

How to download games to your phone from the Internet

Yes, of course, not necessarily looking for something from acquaintances and friends, where there is Internet access.Here you have links to several resources, with which you can download free games, mobile phone its make and model will only select the sort menu, on different sites in different ways.For example, if you want to download games on the Sony K510i phone with the first site, you will need:

  1. Check the resolution of your phone screen.In our case it is 128x160.
  2. In the left column of the menu find the title "Games on the size of the screen."
  3. Select 128x160.
  4. system sorts the existing games on the grounds of compatibility on your device.

list of worthy sites, catalogs of games for mobile phones:

  • JavaBank
  • MobiDrive
  • Games 4 Gamers
  • MobiSity

Download is not important, the main thing - upload

seems to be the same, but no.When downloading games from the Internet, it will remain on your computer.We are interested in its launch on the mobile, is not it?Let us proceed.

Generally, it is possible to cheat the start.Find the right game in the computer browser, then simply write this link into your browser's built-in phone line.It is advisable to take a direct link to download, so we will save an expensive mobile traffic.Yes, as a rule, the price for the use of Internet services mobile operators is set for the amount of, for example, 5 rubles per megabyte.It seems cheap, but what is a megabyte?Usually not play on mobile "weigh" more than a megabyte, usually much less, within 500 kb, but there are powerful products with them advanced users face tubes.Would you like to download the touch phone games?Get ready to spend 6-10 megabytes, for your display is forced to increase the size of the meshes, the number of objects on the screen and so on.It's a different story.The logic is simple: the bigger the display, the more "weight" of the game.

Download game for mobile phones with computer

Very scared.And you do not want to spend money from the account, and then your tariff bloodthirsty operators already asked for 100 rubles per megabyte.Okay, we also have a computer!

Download the game to your computer.Now we have to somehow teleport it to your phone.Ways to weight, then again, if your computer has Bluetooth, you can be contacted directly and without long Lohmann head.But as a rule, this lotion laptops, and we have a desktop.What to do?

recalls.Where we threw a box of freshly bought the phone?No, we do not guarantee to read the gathered data and look.Under DATA we mean cable for connection to a PC and data transmission is the common name for all kinds of cables that perform this function.Yes, back down, but "yuesbi-cable" - is also a DATA!=) They have slightly different interfaces, but on the one hand, on the other hand - USB or any of its variety.

Tying the phone and the PC, it is recognized as a mass storage device, act as if you move files (and we still do Oo) - simply drag it from the source folder to the destination.For some mobile phones, especially Nokia malignancy in this plan need to install additional software, look for the disk in the same cherished box.If your PC is equipped with a card reader, you can use it.

I hope now you much clearer how to download games to your phone.Do not miss the opportunity to tell your friends about it!;)