How useful vodka ?

How useful vodka ?

traditional Russian drink goryachitelny considered and evil and good at the same time.On the dangers of vodka Much has been written in t h and on our website here:.. "The vodka is bad?".However, there is the drink, and positive qualities.Doubt?So let's find out: whether the vodka helpful?

drinks produced by distillation, existed in different parts of the world.In Russia, from the XIV century.called vodka infused with alcohol herbs, berries and others. Since the XVI century.steel alcohol obtained by distillation of rye (bread wine), with the XIX century.potatoes.Only at the end of this century, it acquired a familiar recipe vodka from grains.

How to use externally

How is it possible to use the vodka in the "peaceful"?Useful properties of vodka determined by the presence in its structure alcohol.It is primarily antiseptic.It is used for disinfection of small wounds, injections.

alcohol property - quickly evaporate - making vodka first aid for burns.Vaporized, it cools the burned surface.

Warming properties of vodka used in compresses - a favorite method of treatment for diseases of joints, sprains, sore throats.It makes this wrap is simple: a piece of cloth moistened with vodka, covered with parchment and warming bandage.

When inflammation of the ear, if not at hand drops, can be inserted into the ear canal of twisted cotton flagella soaked in vodka.

little bit

People's treatment of colds also includes internal consumption of vodka, half a cup which to drink hot tea with raspberries.After that, well wrapped up, go to bed.This method is particularly effective in the early stages of the disease.

Vodka is used for preparation of various medicinal tinctures of medicinal plants, rastirok.For example, extract of ginseng root has a stimulating effect, calendula flowers - used in the treatment of acne and for gargling (diluted with water), hawthorn - to reduce the pressure.

found that small doses of alcohol contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, lower cholesterol, stimulate mental activity.But assuming that the day is used, only 30 grams of vodka.

Knowing what vodka is useful, you can use its positive properties for health improvement.