How do I download games ?

How do I download games ?

In today's world there is a huge variety of entertainment.To relax, you can go to the amusement park, go to the cinema or just for a walk with friends.But lately, more and more want to entertain at home, do not go anywhere and sometimes do not even get up from their seats.To do this, and there are computer games.

How can I play?

In computer games you can play in different ways.If you have the Internet, you can perfectly have fun online, playing with people who also sit in front of monitors.And you can download and install the game on your computer, laptop or phone and play regardless of whether there is a connection to the network.You can also buy a CD with the game and install it on your computer, but this option is the most costly in material terms.

But your favorite game, you can download and install on your computer.To learn how to download games, we now discuss.

Download games

So, find out how to download a game from the Internet.To do this, you must have an active Internet connection,

because it is from the online and will swing the game, as well as free space on the disk, which will be its installation.You must also be aware that the computer must be free not only a place, as well as the amount of available memory, or computer toy just "not pull".

Analyzing how to download games for free, it is best to use trusted sites, which previously dealt, or with sites that advise friends.Otherwise, there is a great risk of catching the virus and remain not only without playing, but without a working computer as a whole.

Sites that offer games for download, a great number.An example can be Alawar, and others.By accessing the selected site, you first need to understand what kind of game I want to download and select the desired profile for this.The section will be given a list of all available games for download with a short description of them, and sometimes with gaming reviews.Having defined the game, you can safely download it.To do this, simply click on the selected area, which is often called: "Download the game."Next, select the location where the downloaded file will be saved, and click "Save".This starts the download process, which may take a certain time from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the volume of the game, the computer and the Internet connection speed.

Downloading games, you need to know how to download the full version of the game.To do this, before downloading to see it not written that the game provided in the demo, that is a trial version.If such information is not available, one can assume that the game is given in full.

Free download

There is advice on how to download free games.This can be done, if the game has torrentovsky label.This type of download is more reliable, as the game runs a small check for viruses.Besides, torrentovskie files download faster.The principle is the same download, but you need to have installed on your computer to download "Torrent".With the download, you can also choose where to put the game and still have the ability to monitor the downloading process.

Analyzing how to download free games, you can stumble on such sites as, DepositFiles, websites provide various kinds of downloads, including free.This type of download more time-consuming.When downloading the user's game washed up on a site, you must select the button "Download", then the system may request to enter the code, and then wait for about a minute.In the countdown screen will appear, and when it reaches the end, will show a link with which you can download the game to your computer.

But today should be afraid of websites that offers to enter the mobile phone number to receive a code to download the game.Most often it is the sites fraudsters thus lure money from inexperienced or unsuspecting users.After entering the phone number can come notification that the user is connected to any mailing list, the rejection of which require money.And this is only the most "harmless" scenario.

happens that registration is required to download the game, but a game download without registration?Not all sites require a login to download their files.If, by visiting the website, the visitor is available "Download" button, you can safely do so without registering.But in this case, the site may be a limit on the number of downloads for an unregistered user.

What to consider?

When downloading games on the computer is necessary to take into account the capacity of the computer, because the old computers, new games are no longer pull.It is also important to consider the size of the screen on which the game is designed.If a conventional monitor, it can boot up normally, then a netbook or tablet graphics may be of poor quality, or the game will not be played.

If you want to find out how to download a video game, it is necessary, first of all, take into account the capabilities of your computer.If the game has a high level of graphics and computer is too old, the game may not have installed, and the result will be a pity spent on download times.

little about how to install the game

sort out how to download games to your computer, you must also install them correctly.Do not be afraid, if you download a ZIP archive or unusual RAR, and a file with the extension ". Iso".This type of file called "image", and it contains complete information about the desired game.To install the game you must have a way to program from Daemon Tools computer.If such is not available, it can be easily downloaded from the Internet or buy a CD with software.After installing the program will show the new virtual CD-ROM, with which the game starts and double-click it with the left mouse button.

If the game loaded into the archive, you need to install it just unzip the package and install the game.Very often, unzip the file, you can get ". Iso" image.How to install it, described above.

The easiest way to install the game is the presence of its exe file by clicking on that, you start the game installation process.

Games phone

games on the phone are no less popular than the computer games.They help pass the time in a great public transport, as well as in long queues.The principle of how to download games to your phone, the same as usual downloading of computer games.The problem may occur only in the way the game then throw phone.There are several ways.You can transfer the game via USB-cable connected to the phone, as well as through a Bluetooth-module.Some phone models, for example, Nokia, offer their clients PC Suite software, which greatly facilitates the transfer of information from your computer to your phone.

on smartphones more convenient downloading games through the "branded" stores.For phones running on Android OS, is the Play Market, for iPhone - iTunes Store.Attached to these resources safely.